The Plunge: Adventure February

Welcome to The Plunge!

The Plunge started as a weekly challenge to get outside the box and make decisions that lead you toward living each day as the best day ever! Starting with the February Adventure Plunge, we are moving to monthly posts, which intend to give our Plungers more time to complete the exciting adventures and choose joy as they become the best versions of themselves.

The Plunge is for YOU.

The Plunge provides you with a catalyst for change. For the new. For journeys to new experiences.

February is going to take you on an adventure like no other. Grab hold of these challenges and make them your own.

But wait!

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And now…on to the February Adventure Plunge!


Participate in the

OFFICIAL Random Acts of Kindness Week: Feburary 9-15

I am an official RAKtivist for the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. random-acts-of-kindess-foundationThis month is the OFFICIAL Random Acts of Kindness week from February 9 through February 15.  So it’s time to start planning Plungers. For this month’s Adventure Plunge, you will be participating in a HUGE week of kindness!

For ideas, click on the image above to head to the RAK Foundation and see the incredible ideas they have for you to do during RAK week.

Some of their ideas include (but are not limited to):

  • Download the kindness digital app Kindr from the Apple App Store. Then brighten someone’s day by sending a creative compliment, a hug or even a cute animal video.
  • Buy someone’s groceries or offer to help pay for someone in line
  • Just smile at one extra person

RAK week is a great time to focus on kindness for one week. Get your family involved and do it together. You have a week to plan and get ready!


Make a positive money change.

This is definitely an adventure for all of us. This month, make a positive money change. It could be one of any of the following options:

  1. 52 Week Money Challenge – For the 52 weeks, you save the amount of the week number (the first week you save $1, the second $2…and so forth). Many bloggers have taken this challenge – and the info is all over the internet. Why not join them?
  2. Head on over to Dave Ramsey’s webpage and start making some positive money changes in your home.
  3. Maybe just start by thinking about all the purchases you make this month and ask yourself the question, “Do I REALLY need this?” Do you need a Starbucks every day? Do you need that extra candy bar?
  4. Maybe you need to SELL some stuff. There are a variety of places to do that: Craigslist, Ebay, Once Upon a Child, Half Price Books. Maybe you need to simplify. Make February the month you concentrate on positive money changes. That is CERTAINLY an adventure.
  5. You know your situation. You know what you need to change. Just make a positive change, no matter how small, that points you in a better direction financially.

You can do it. Take the Plunge.


Red Box or Laundromat Pay it Forward

Get your ziplock bags, ready folks! This month you’ll be leaving a lot of love at a Red Box or Laundomat.laundrymat

All you’ll need for this Plunge is $5 in change and five zip lock bags.

In each zip lock bag, place either one dollar or four quarters. Then either IN or ON the bag, write a short message like, “Here’s a load of laundry on me” or “Have a movie on me!” If you’d like, add a one load package of detergent or one package of microwave popcorn to the bag. Then go tape your bags to washing machines or Red Box machines in your area!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you have a family, it’s a great activity to do together. Take some pictures and post them for another entry into my March Plunge Prepper Kit Contest!

If you’re interested in a major PLUNGE PLUS, go to both the laundromat AND the Red Box locations. It could end up being a whole lot of fun – and you’ll make someone’s day.


Valentines For Strangers

Since it is February, which is the month we focus on love, this is a great month to do a bonus Plunge. So grab a box of Valentines from the store or find some printable Valentines online (here’s a great blog to get some printables) and get ready to have a blast making people’s days.

Write the Valentines with a positive or encouraging message, and then plan on leaving them in some crazy amazing places for people to find. Make sure to address them to “Whoever finds this – this is for YOU!”

Here are some ideas:diy_cards_c-400x300

  • Bathroom Stalls (ladies, on top of the little tampon trash can is awesome)
  • Place them on the shelf in a grocery or retail store
  • At school, stick them in the cracks of lockers or leave it on an empty desk
  • Tuck them into someone’s purse or coat pocket
  • Leave them on the seat of public transportation
  • Just hand one to a stranger (this means you have to be BOLD!)

Remember!! If you post your adventures on Facebook or Twitter and tag me (@carriewisehart or Carrie ‘Williams’ Wisehart on FB) you’ll receive additional entries in the contest to win the March Plunge Prepper Kit!  You can also comment on this blog or if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to receive e-mail posts! Trust me, the kit is going to be AWESOME! And it will give you everything you need for the March Plunge!

The Spiritual Plunge

When you begin to think about the positive changes you want to make with your money, consider what the Bible has to say about money.

Luke 14:28-20
“For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it—lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish’?”  (Click here for more verses about money)
It’s important to intentionally think about what God wants us to do with our money. Maybe He’s just convicting you to give your FIRST FRUITS to Him – making sure He has priority when it comes to what you spend.
Maybe this month He’s going to challenge you to give more to others. There might be someone in your life who needs provision, and YOU’RE going to be the one to provide that miracle.
Maybe you feel led to bless someone with an anonymous gift.
Maybe it’s time, this month, to start tithing BEFORE you pay the rest of your bills.
I guess what I always have to remind myself is that nothing I have really belongs to me. It’s God’s, and He’s just allowing me to use it while I’m on this earth.
A few years back, I told my husband Brady about the cardboard box rule. As long as I am living with my family, it doesn’t matter if we’re in a cardboard box. We have each other. God is going to take care of me when it comes to money – no matter how scary it is to hand Him the checkbook and let Him have control.
Material possessions are tough. Money is tougher. I pray that God will show you how your money plunge is going to pan out this month. And I am excited to hear about your adventure and what kind of radical obedience it leads you into. I am giggling just thinking about the blessings you are going to experience when you open your heart to whatever He has for you.

Plunge February 2015