I’m going to inspire you 10 times with stuff that inspires ME!

I loooove to be inspired. I love inspirational videos, books, websites, clothing – anything to motivate me and keep me moving! Anything to push me to CHOOSE JOY (mantra #1) and make today the BEST DAY EVER (mantra #2)!

So, I wanted to share 10 things that inspire me with you, my dearest FeeBees (Facebook friends), TweeBees (Twitter friends), Newbees (all you new friends), and BlogBees (that’s my blog subscribers and friends)!!! If you don’t fit in one of those categories, you’re definitely a Bee of some sort – and certainly a friend!

But I digress – because I want you to smile, to laugh, to feel inspired and motivated. So let’s begin, Bees!

#1: Kid President

If you haven’t seen this kid yet, you haven’t been inspired. His life story is awesome, and it started with YouTube and has grown into a phenomenon. This kid has a brittle bone disease that has resulted in over 70 breaks since his birth, and he’s ONLY 10! Here is the first video I saw and it inspired me to continue choosing joy and changing my world.

#2: TED Talks

TED stands for technology, education, and design. And it is a website FULL of videos from some of the foremost thinkers, designers, engineers, innovators, and shakers in the WORLD!

What I love about TED is the philosophy that no talk should be longer than 18 (or so) minutes. So, I use the TED app on my phone and listen to different talks in the shower, in the car, and while I’m cleaning! One of my favorite talks is one of the most famous by Sir Ken Robinson.

You want to be inspired to change education? To change schools? To help kids? Seriously watch this video. THEN, get on the TED website and be prepared to be lost for the next couple hours.

#3: Diana Nyad

I just recently discovered Diana while I was (as usual) combing through TED. She, as a 64 year old woman, SWAM the ocean from Cuba to Florida. Seriously.

This was her fifth attempt and after 53 hours in the water, swollen, tired, and immediately admitted to the hospital, she made it! There are so many amazing things about this story, you just HAVE to read it.


#4: Ann Voskamp

If you haven’t read this lady’s blog, you need to. Hop over to A Holy Experience and check out her genuine blend of beautiful writing combined with raw transparency and “real-ness.”

Every word, phrase, and paragraph gives you rich, succulent meat to chew on. It will motivate you, encourage you, and challenge you.

This is your spiritual depth. You need to check it out, subscribe, and then share with your friends. Now.

#5: Zach Sobiech

At the age of 17, Zach was diagnosed with a rare bone disease and given just months to live. But this boy inspired thousands with his music and his outlook on life.

He wrote a beautiful song, “Clouds,” that any celebrities joined him in singing – what a great way to live the best day ever (because if today were my last day I would want it to be my best day) and choose joy in the midst of crazy, awful, circumstances.

#6: Stumbleupon

I discovered this web search engine a few years ago – and I loooove it. Bascially, you tell it your interests, and then it starts finding things on the internet that fit those interests.

Honestly, this is how I have found a lot of my inspiration – discovering great new artists, educators, and innovators through this website, Stumbleupon.

Be warned, as with TED, this will suck you in so be prepared to take some adventure discovery time with this site!

#7: More Love Letters & Hannah Brencher

So, a girl named Hannah Brencher moved to New York City after college and got lonely. She was depressed and alone – and most of the time when we’re depressed and alone we feel sorry for ourselves.

She started writing.

And then she started leaving letters all over NYC for people who might need them. Instead of feeling sorry, she used her sadness to create joy in the lives of others.

And now she has an entire website and organization dedicated to leaving love letters for people to find! It is QUITE the organization! You should check it out! Oh – and she also has a TED talk if you want to hear her entire story as well.

#8: Cancer Miracles

If you need to be encouraged about health issues or other discouraging journeys, check out my ankle bump story (yes, it was a large golf ball sized ankle bump that I had for years – it turned out to be cancer).

Or…you can read about my Daddy’s journey with cancer and how his ultimate healing had so many miracles along the way (the hospital paid for the ambulance to bring him to my wedding!).

If you have a cancer miracle story, leave the link in the comments below or tell me. I’d love to hear it.

#9: Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

While my husband and I were fasting over a year ago, we watched this documentary on Netflix, and it inspired us to change our lives. 70 pounds shed later, we continue to live new lives, eating clean and organic, exercising like crazy and are going to complete a 500 mile bicycle ride in July.

Please, just watch it.  It will challenge you to rethink your food and drink intake and what you might be doing to your body in the process.

#10: Team Hoyt

When a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy tells his father that the only time he doesn’t feel handicapped is when he’s racing, what does the father do?


Triathlons, Iron Man competitions, marathons – even running across the United States, this father did for his son what his son could not do.

He ran and pushed him in a wheelchair.

He swam and pulled him in a boat.

He bicycled and his son rode along.

As an avid cyclist myself, I know how difficult it is to do this by myself, let alone with someone else to push.

The Hoyts completed their final Boston Marathon in 2014. But Dick Hoyt, the father, inspired many of us to sacrifice and serve others in dramatic and radical ways.

If you didn’t check out any other of my inspirational 10, please check out this one. You won’t regret it.

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