The September Plunge: Savor the Memories

Welcome to THE PLUNGE!!

What is it? The Plunge is a monthly challenge to GET OUT OF YOUR BOX and challenge yourself to become the best version of yourself! Each month I post a new and different challenge, and the Plunge Peeps jump in with both feet to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

This month is about moments and memories.

Recently I found a photo. It prompted me to create this post on Facebook:

fab picThis was the photo:

momentsI will never forget that moment. It is a memory secured in my heart because of all the strong emotions that banged around in my chest that day. It’s as if the people with me in that picture are all in this remembrance bubble – because only they can understand how that one moment made such a huge impact on my entire life.

September’s Plunge is about moments – about memories. About cherishing them, sharing them, and helping others see the value in them.

I really hope you jump in this month, my friend. Because we all want to remember – and leave a footprint that causes others never to forget.


Get out those old photos

Set aside a night to get out old photos. Hopefully you have some actual photos on paper, in albums or scrapbooks, that you can get out. If you want, this could be the time to do some organizing.

But that’s not the point of this Plunge.

Just sit – for an hour or two – and look through the photos. Think about the people, the memories, the moments contained and captured in those photos. If you can, share your photos with a friend, a family member, a spouse, a son or daughter.

You’ll be surprised and pleased at the nostalgia and gratitude you feel.


Give a photo away

After you’ve spent time looking through those photos, find one that you will send to someone.

Maybe it’s a photo from high school and you’re going to connect with an old friend. Maybe it’s a family member who has passed and you’re going to send a photo as a memorial or honor to that person.

Be intentional about the photo you choose. Then write a letter to accompany that photo. Be intentional about your words. If you don’t have any paper photos, actually PRINT out a photo to send. You need to feel the photo in your hands before you send it on.

Help someone else cherish the memories with you. Tell them why that memory is so important. Share your nostalgia.


Point & Click

Make a photo goal.

In this age of phones with cameras, we take photos far more than we used to take them. However, we don’t take intentional photos for a GOAL – for something we want to cherish and keep forever.

So, decide. What are you going to do this month?

Are you going to take one photo a day chronicling what you are grateful for each day? Are you going to do a family photo shoot? Are you going to take pictures of friends and print them to make a collage? Give your photos as gifts?

How are you going to show the value of your photos with others? Make a photo goal for the month and keep that goal.

Be intentional in your memory making.

Post a comment! Let me know what you think! Any ideas for the Plunge? Let me know! Thanks for visiting!

That photo will FOREVER be engrained in my mind. It captured a moment that I never want to forget. This month, don’t forget. Be intentional. Make memories. Cherish life’s beauty.

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