A list of 31 [daily] good deeds to do in December

So, here we are – almost in the month of December. The craziest month of the year. We get so caught up in all the crazy that we practically MISS this season of JOY!

Well, I don’t want to miss it. Because if I’m living EVERY DAY as if it is the best day ever (if you’re new to my blog, #bestdayever is one of my mantras), then I want every day to be JUST THAT: the BEST DAY EVER!

So I’ve come up with a LIST (I looooooove lists!) that my daughter and I are going to do this December to keep our thoughts on OTHERS and on the MEANING of this season.

I used to use this Christmas countdown box – and my daughter would open one door every day and get a prize. Now, I’m not putting those little boxes down, because they are super fun!

But this year I want to teach my daughter that it is MORE fun to do something for OTHERS every day of the month – that will be a MUCH BETTER countdown to Christmas!

I am EVEN going to challenge my STUDENTS to participate with me – because I feel that’s part of my job as their teacher – to keep them thinking of people besides themselves.

Daily Good Things 2So here it is…the list of 31 [daily] good deeds to do in December (printable list below). They were originally written in my journal, but I’m transferring them here for “ease of reading”:

  1. Make your daily deeds list of people to bless during December
  2. Pick up trash near your work or school
  3. Write a thank you note to someone who doesn’t usually get thanked
  4. Give something away from your closet
  5. Pay it forward at a coffee shop or restaurant
  6. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time
  7. DOLLAR DIFFERENCE DAY! (If you’re not sure what this is, check out THIS POST)
  8. Visit or give a gift to a neighbor
  9. Write a public note of encouragement to someone on social media
  10. Buy a box of candy canes to give away individually or as a box
  11. Leave a nice note on someone’s windshield
  12. Buy a coffee for a bell-ringer
  13. Leave a letter to a stranger in a public place
  15. Give something away today – something you have you know someone else would LOVE
  16. Intentionally compliment someone in front of someone else
  17. Make a Christmas card for a service worker
  18. Celebrate someone’s UN-birthday today with a card, letter or small gift
  19. Thank a teacher
  20. Do a chore for someone
  22. Send 5 encouraging texts
  23. Leave a note in a book at a store or in a library
  24. Be PRESENT with family and friends – put that phone away
  25. Say what you need to say to family and friends – be intentional
  26. Write thank you notes for your gifts
  29. Thank the postman or UPS guy with a card or gift
  30. Give something away – make it meaningful!
  31. Make your 2016 LIST OF NOW!! (This is a bucket list for 2016 – but it’s called the list of now because it’s a NO Waiting list – make it happen! Read this post to learn more about the list of now and a printable to make your list!)


Want to print this list? Click here: List of 31 daily good deeds for December

Will you join me? I DARE you to do the DECEMBER DAILY [good] DEEDS! If you’re a teacher, get your students involved! If you’re a parent, get your kids and family involved! If you’re a student, DO THIS LIST! We should ALWAYS be living the best day adventure and becoming better versions of OURSELVES!

Who is going to join me? Comment below! I would love to hear from you!


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