the first [soon to be annual] wisehart christmas card//blog!

I am not a very good Christmas card sender.

I love photo cards and long, newsy letters that catch me up to speed on the lives of all my friends and family…but, alack, I rarely send them.

I have real “Christmas card slacker guilt” struggles.

But all that has NOW changed with the first [soon to be annual] Wisehart Christmas card//blog!

Contents include: a short year in review, a few of my favorite things, and upcoming adventures (and it’s not very long)!

So, friends and readers who would like to hear from me through a pretty paper Christmas card (including my mom), close your eyes and pretend you are opening a sparkly red envelope that spills glitter in your lap when you open it.

Imagine this photo on the card (so cute!):

family-christmasAnd, now for…


Leading worship at the Northeast Indiana Nazarene Women’s Retreat

This year = many changes.

My kid is now in middle school. She rocked out the school musical as a famed Sound of Music nun, picked up the guitar to sing at the top of her lungs for several hours every night, and is doing a bang up job confronting all the “things” that are tough in sixth grade.

We adopted a muppet/dog named Fozzie. He’s a rescue, so the struggle is real when it comes to knowing what is appropriate to eat and not to eat, but he’s a sweet scaredy-cat, and we love him.

The tribe of students and me at Trevi Fountain doing the coin toss/luck thing.

My husband continues teaching truth. He’s my absolute favorite preacher – and not just because he’s easy on the eyes and I love him like crazy.

He pushes me to ride hundreds of miles on my bike, try new things, and sing “O Canada” on the first snow day of the year (check out my Facebook page if you want to check out that doozy). He also joined me on the Europe trip (London, Paris, Rome) I took with around 26 students and parents this past summer. YUM!

Me speaking in Iowa this summer. Photo cred to Joy Maberry, who hosted this smash up event. Notice I’m wearing my custom Converse (designed by my boyfriend Brady!) with my dress. Loving the chucks.

For me, uber lots of new-ness.

New position – English Department chair, new classes – AP Language and Composition and English 10. Loving every minute of it.

I continue to do lots of traveling and speaking (my current schedule is hanging out on the sidebar of this blog).  Loving on people, talking about Jesus and sharing my best day ever adventure with them is awesome and fulfilling!

If you’d like me to speak/worship/hang out with YOU, just check out this page.


In honor of my middle schooler’s musical debut in The Sound of Music, I thought I’d spill a few of my favorite things of the year (or in some cases, all time).

Photo Cred: Staples
Photo Cred: Staples

All time ONLY PENS I EVER USE: Pilot Precise V5 Premium Rolling Ball Stick

And I am NOT receiving ANY kick back for pushing these pens. I just love them. Period. I have become a pen snob.

Perfect stocking stuffer, perfect ink.



All time BEST WHITE CHOCOLATE EVER: Green & Black Organic White green-blacks-organic-white-chocolate-bar-30-percent-cacao-jpgChocolate (made with fragrant Madagascan vanilla)

When Brady and I went all-natural and organic a few years ago I thought I had waved good-bye to my favorite chocolate.

But no.

This is certain to make EVERY DAY the BEST DAY EVER and it can now be bought at my local KROGER! And no, I’m not receiving kick back for ANY products on this page. I’m just really excited about these fave things.


Super cool app that has probably existed forever and I just discovered it: Stitcher

I love TED talks and inspirational podcasts – and this is the home for both! I love the ease of access, favorites page, and “listen later” option. I’m always marking stuff to “listen to later” – I’m still trying to find that later time.


Book nerd blog that I am JUST WILD ABOUT: Modern Mrs. Darcyreading-challenge-05

The blogger (her real name is Anne) has just launched a 2017 Choose Your Own //bookish// Adventure READING CHALLENGE!  Just click on the picture to try it yourself!



My own bookish adventure:

I’ve been working on my first nonfiction manuscript…an inspirational challenge, a dangerous journey, and of course, it includes CHOOSING JOY and BEST DAY EVER adventures…

The goal is for the manuscript to be complete this spring and published by early summer (cross your fingers and your toes and send prayers my way!)!!

I will let you know as soon as you can pre-order!

A brand new year, brand new opportunities:

Merry Christmas, my friends. As 2016 comes to a close and 2017 peeks through the curtain, I can only imagine what lies around the corner. Thanks for sharing this year with me – I can’t wait to share many more!

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