take a NEW gratitude ACTION challenge this November!!

November is the month of gratitude. Social media is FULL of daily gratitude posts – so much thankfulness. Since Thanksgiving is a good month to celebrate gratitude, we focus on it. A lot. A very lot.

But what if we took is ONE STEP FURTHER?

Gratitude is super important. All the time. It’s something we should ALWAYS practice. So, what if in the month of November, we put some gratitude into action?


It’s one thing to be grateful. But it’s a WHOLE DIFFERENT thing to ACT on our gratitude by doing something in RESPONSE to that gratitude.

Stay with me. Here’s an example:

I am grateful for my husband’s generosity.

So in response, I might:

  • write him a thank you note, specifically outlining WHY I appreciate his gratitude
  • do something generous for HIM
  • brag on him and his generosity to someone else while my husband is standing there
  • make a journal of all the GOOD things my husband does – so I will quit focusing on the things he DOESN’T do

It’s super easy to post my gratitude. But it’s harder to take action on that gratitude.

So I’m proposing GRATITUD-ACTION (gra ti tu dac shun). But an easier way to say that might be Neighborly November.  Mark 12:31 says we should love our neighbors as ourselves. Gratitude is the first step GRATITUD-ACTION is the second. Let’s act on our gratitude DAILY this November.

Let’s still post about it! But let’s be intentional in our actions as a response to our gratitude. Use our gratitude to CHOOSE to make a difference (I have a book by that title that you might want to check out – hee hee)!!

So, here’s how to join me. Post the following on your social media and feel free to steal the image on this post to use with it, but if you use the URL below the post, it will automatically post the blog image:

I am joining the Neighborly November “Gratitud-action” Revolution. Every day during the month of November, I am not only going to post my GRATITUDE, but I am also going to post an ACTION I take in response to that gratitude. To learn more about #neighborlynovember, visit the website below. Let’s not only be grateful this month, but let’s make a difference, too!


If you decide to join Neighborly November, please leave a comment below! Also, join our Facebook Group

Also, if you are interested, please check out my book. It is called Choose: An Invitation to the Best Day Ever Adventure. It is a 21 day challenge to choose change in order to live the BEST LIFE EVER!