2018: My Year of Learning (and our very late Christmas Card)

I am not a very good Christmas card sender.

I love photo cards and long, newsy letters that catch me up to speed on the lives of all my friends and family…but, alack, I rarely send them.

I have real “Christmas card slacker guilt” struggles – and well, it’s already past Christmas. So there you go.

But all that has changed with the second annual Wisehart Christmas card//blog (the first one is here).

Contents include: a short year in review, a few of my favorite things, and upcoming adventures (and it’s not very long)!

So, imagine you are opening a beautifully thick envelope. Smell it (it smells like cupcakes), and enjoy the red and silver confetti that falls all over your clothes and your floor. Here’s this year’s picture:
It’s our precious labradoodle, Coco. We lost her to liver failure on December 17. She was an amazing companion for seven years and made our lives fuller and richer. This picture was taken when she was near the end, barely holding her head up. But her ears were still perked. She tried hard until the end. We miss you, Coco.

A short year in review

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This year I launched my book, Choose: An Invitation to the Best Day Ever Adventure! 

I had a beautiful launch team who helped me post reviews and get the word out.

I have received countless messages, emails, and texts about what the book has meant to friends, family, and even strangers.

I am humbled at what this broken girl’s heart spilled out on paper can do with JESUS as the catalyst. He is in charge of it all and I am thankful.

Brady continues to be the most amazing, supportive husband in the world

Throwback to our college years. And…he’s still a hottie.

(sorry to all the other husbands of the world, but it’s true). His vision, creativity, and unconditional love make me better. He sharpens me. Check out his blog, here – pretty good stuff.

Kayden keeps playing guitar and writing songs. We made her first music video, “Shine”, last March.

I’m telling you, this kid is talented. She won first place at her school talent show with this song, and it was written out of her heart’s cry as she walked through some hurtful things at school. We couldn’t be prouder.

My favorite things

Here are just some faves from the past year!

My absolute favorite journal: Moleskine

Whenever you see me post a picture of my journal, it’s highly probable (and more than likely) a Moleskine. Created in 1997, these journals are a throwback to the ones use by Hemingway, Picasso, and Van Gogh. Yummy. And the way to my heart.

Oh – and I’m not getting any perks for this post. Although, if Moleskine is reading this, I’d love a free one! 🙂

New favorite “wear your reminders” store: Alex and Ani

I love wearing jewelry as reminders of my mantras and my people. This year I discovered a new favorite place, Alex and Ani, where I buy these coolio bangles.

My favorite bangles to buy are the charity bangles. When you buy them, a portion of your purchase goes to that charity. Probably my favorite purchase, though, was a set of two bangles, each with an otter. I gave one to a special friend.

Here’s the description from the website:

Gift the other half of this piece to the loved one it is meant for, that way you’ll

Photo cred: Alex and Ani

always be connected. Known to hold hands to secure themselves from drifting apart, otters are symbols of friendship and unity. Rafting side-by-side, otters are comforting creatures adaptable to change and transition. Bask in the glow of good times and make the best of what floats your way.

Again, no kick back for posting. I love wearing reminders of friendship, what I believe in, and who I love.

Photo Cred: Amazon

Book that’s making a difference in my life: A Hunger for God: Desiring God Through Fasting and Prayer – John Piper

It’s enough to post this quote: “What we hunger for most, we worship.”  Wow. This is a heavy read, a tough read, but worth it. Our lives were drastically changed when Brady and I went on a 40 day fast a few years ago (read about it here) – and the reality that, as Piper puts it, “Appetite dictates the direction of [our] lives” (13) is absolutely true.


Upcoming adventures (or my word 2018)

This year, 2018, is going to be My Year of Learning. I am sure that is going to end up meaning MUCH MORE than just learning new skills, trades, or obscure hobbies, but that’s where I’m going to start. An intentional year of learning.

I recently reached out to my Facebook family, asking for ideas. I received over 101 comments listing all the ideas including rucking, canning. yodeling, and more. I am currently compiling and narrowing down the list, understanding that I can’t learn EVERYTHING, but that I want to learn a LOT this year!

My plan is to chronicle much of this by way of my blog and my NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!! 

The YouTube channel, Best Day Ever Adventure, will be a foray into the world of living the BDEA lifestyle. It will include inspirational thoughts, ideas from my books, and well, just some crazy shenanigans.

Subscribe to go on this adventure with me. 🙂 Here is the first video, a parody of Taylor Swift’s 22, my celebration of turning 42 this year.

Thanks to my daughter Kayden for her kickin’ guitar skills. By the way, I learned how to make a YouTube End Card to set all this up. Let the learning begin two whole days early!

Blessings to you and yours this year,

Carrie (and family)

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