I’ll be happy when…

Do you ever feel like your life will finally be complete when _______________ happens?

…when you lose the weight.

…when you retire.

…when you get that promotion.

…when you graduate.

…when you get married.

…when you finally have a child.

…when you beat cancer.

…when you…

It’s as if we are always waiting for happy to happen to us. We keep looking for happy in all the wrong places – and we keep longing for that “thing” to make us happy. When we take that vacation, get that dream house, reach that dream, get that degree, that job, that raise.

But the problem is, once we get that “thing”, there’s always another thing. And another thing. And another thing. If we keep waiting for happy to happen to us, we will NEVER find joy.

There will always be another disappointment. Another election we didn’t like, person who hurts our feelings, death or sickness or tragedy. I hate to break it to you, but in our world, the bad stuff will just keep coming.

The problem lies in what we’re looking for. You see, the good is always there. Always. But we’re always waiting for the NEXT good, the BEST good, the good WE WANT.

What about the good that is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?

In James (a book in the New Testament of the Bible), it tells us that every good thing comes from the Father. And the crazy thing is that we have a choice to live the good life BEFORE we retire, BEFORE we graduate, BEFORE that bell rings at the end of the day.

We are so busy waiting to be happy WHEN that we miss the WHAT.

And the WHAT is here. Now. In the present.

This morning, I got out of bed. I walked to the sink that had running water. I had a choice as to the breakfast food I would eat. I got in a car that drove me to church. I worshipped freely without fear of persecution. I got Chipotle for lunch (now THAT IS GOOD). And right now, I’m practicing freedom of speech by writing my thoughts and feelings openly on the internet.

And those, my friends, are the basics. I could wait to be happy until I get 10 hours of sleep or when I get breakfast in bed. I could wait to be happy until I get a new car or that new house,

Or I could CHOOSE to see the good, the joy, in what I already have. That doesn’t mean I won’t make changes in my life or discipline myself to grow, but it DOES mean that I will continue to LOOK FOR THE GOOD because it is there.

If we keep waiting for happy to happen, chances are, we’ll look back and see that we spent most of our lives waiting instead of seeing.

Seeing the good.


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