what to do when you’re always irritated

For just a second, think about the people that irritate you the most. The things they do that just DRIVE YOU TO CRAZY TOWN.

You thinking?

What gets under your skin? What makes you really aggravated? What do people do that just drives you insane? Makes you want to stab your eye out with a fork?

Did you make your list?

Long or short, we all have those lists.

Recently, I read a quote from Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. And friends, it flattened me back against the locker (teacher metaphor).

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding about ourselves.

Now guys, I don’t ascribe to all of Jung’s theories and ideas, but this one got me thinking. I guess it’s time to ask ourselves some crucial questions:

  1. What annoys me?
  2. Why does it annoy me?
  3. How OFTEN am I annoyed?
  4. What can these annoyances teach me about MYSELF?

If I’m annoyed by the person who talks too much, is it because I don’t feel I have a voice? Well, then, I need to change that and start involving myself in the conversation or, I need to humble myself and get selfless.

If I’m annoyed by someone’s cheerfulness, is it because I don’t think anyone should have any more happiness than I do? Am I subconsciously jealous of them? Do I envy his joy? I mean, if we really look deep, our annoyances speak volumes about ourselves.

If I’m annoyed by my daughter interrupting me all the time, then maybe I need to understand that either I’m TEACHING her to interrupt me, or I am too passive in my parenting skills.  So ultimately, I’m learning about myself.

The possibilities for annoyance are endless. And trust me, I get annoyed, too. But here’s the bottom line. When I’m annoyed, I need to figure out why, and I need to look at what it says about ME.

We all know what it’s like to hang out with someone who is ALWAYS annoyed. First, WHY are you hanging out with someone like that – and what does it say about YOU? What kind of company do you keep? Maybe, if it’s a GOOD friend, I should ask him or her (IN LOVE) what’s going on. Why are they constantly disgruntled?

I am confident that NONE of us want to feel or be annoyed all the time. There is no happiness to be found in that state. We need to examine our hearts. I guess I’ve found that my annoyances are ultimately selfish. They focus on ME and my preferences instead of MY OWN ISSUES as the bottom line why that person makes me grit my teeth.

It could be that you need to set boundaries.

It could be that you need new friends.

It could be that you need to get more disciplined.

It could be that you have some unexplored hurts and you need someone to whom you can pour out those feelings.

It could be that you just need more time with Jesus (BIG BIG ONE).

You see, I can TELL when I haven’t been spending time with Jesus because I generally get frazzled by more, ticked off at more, and just simply more annoyed.

Knowing is half the battle. So the next time you are just ready to chew your nails off in exasperation, examine your heart. Then change your response. It will do YOUR soul more good and I’m sure, those around you will benefit.

Choosing Joy,

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