what girls (of all ages) need

As a kid, I had a babysitter named Laura. She was super cool and had silky hair. I wanted hair just like her.

As a teen, I had a youth pastor’s wife named Sandy. I loved the clear sound of her soprano voice, and I modeled my singing after her.

As a college student, I had a professor who taught me the nuances of British Literature. I just soaked up her knowledge and love of language.

As a newlywed, I watched the marriages of older couples, asked their advice, sought their wisdom.

As a new mom, I looked to mothers with teenagers, begged to know how to survive the terrible twos. As a mom of a teenager, I look to seasoned moms who tell me that everything I’m feeling is COMPLETELY normal and that we’re ALL going to survive adolescence.

I hope you’re catching what I’m throwing.

Girls, we need each other. And girls with more experience and wisdom in your arena of life, we need you. Girls who have grown kids and grandkids, please don’t retire beyond your job, because we can’t have you retiring your way out of volunteering and mentoring and leading.

We need you.

Girls of all ages, we need each other. We should always be mentoring and being mentored. We should be pouring out and someone should be pouring in. Because we ALWAYS have something we’ve experienced, lived, survived, thrived, and we should be sharing that something with someone else.

A couple years ago, God laid The Choose Conference on my heart. It wasn’t just a conference for WOMEN, it was a conference for girls of all ages – 12 all the way to 100 or more. Because we need to be together.



Experiencing life.


You should join us at the first EVER Choose Conference on May 4. Tickets go on sale TONIGHT, February 4 – you can grab them here. Let’s CHOOSE together to DO LIFE together.

There’s a place for youth groups and age centered activities, but my favorite small groups have anyone from 18 to 80. Because we all bring something crucial to the table. Something we’ve walked through that just might help someone else.

And guys, you’re not out of the equation here. The same goes for you. I’m just a girl so I know more about “girl stuff”.

In 6th grade, my daughter experienced some not-so-fun bullying in school. And I tell you what, God never wastes a hurt. Several songs and heartfelt lyrics later, and she’s able to express her heart with others – helping them cope with their own pain.

At the young age of 13 (ALMOST 14 YIKES) she can already mentor someone younger as I, and her grandmothers, and her youth leaders, and her teachers, are mentoring her.

Sticks and Stones is a song she wrote about what it means to be a friend. Her own pain taught her how to love others. Let’s do this together, kids. And let’s make this world a better, more unified place to be.