my creepiest moment

Yesterday I probably had the creepiest moment in my life. But I’m not talking scary or weird or being frightened by someone else. Nope.

I was the creeper.

I picked up my daughter from the mall (her first junior high independent shopping with friends escapade), and as I left, I saw one of my former students and his girlfriend. They were parking the car at the mall, so I waved. It’s fun to see grown up students out and about.

I didn’t think anything of it.

Later that night, I was out grabbing Buffalo Wild Wings for my family (bone-in for me, boneless for Brady – if you were wondering), and I saw them AGAIN, this time walking out of Kohl’s. Well, this was TOO MUCH of a coincidence! I had to say something!

So I stopped my car and rolled down the window.

“Hey Diego!”

I yelled his name, but he only hesitated and didn’t stop. Weird. Diego and I had been good buddies, so I was perplexed by his obvious confusion.

Then they both turned to look at me.

Definitely the kids from the mall.

Definitely NOT Diego and his girlfriend.

And I was now super creepy.

And…I was wearing sweats, a knit snow hat, and I was leaning out my window yelling at college age kids that I thought I knew.

Only I didn’t know them. And they didn’t know me.

So I started explaining myself. Which only ended up being more weird because I was blabbing like an idiot (creeper).

Like, “I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else. I saw you at the mall – were you at the mall? (she nods) Well, then I saw you here and it was so coincidental and then I thought I would say hi but you aren’t who I thought you were and then…”

Seriously, Carrie? Really?

A 43 year old creeper in a black car dressed in questionable clothing stops and calls out “Diego” to someone SHE DOESN’T KNOW and then proceeds to talk too quickly and too long to absolute strangers.

I got home and told my husband. He said, with no hesitancy, “Yep, you’re creepy.”

And my daughter yelled from the other room, “Yeah, Mom. That’s creepy.”

So, most definitely the creepiest moment of my life.

And I was the creeper.

The moral of the story is…I have no idea. But it was funny. And I love people so much that I just HAVE to talk with them. And Diego, if you’re reading this, pretty much feel loved.

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