what is your twenty? goal setting for 2020

“What’s your twenty?”

I’ve heard the phrase on countless crime dramas, but as I was getting ready to write this post, I decided to look up what it really means. I checked out several websites, and basically found the same thing.

The phrase essentially means, “Identify your position,” or “Where are you?” but apparently “What’s your twenty” was originally taken from US law enforcement’s verbally coded radio transmissions intended to keep non-police listeners from understanding what was going on. There was a list of 10-codes, of which 10-20 originally stood for “Where are you?” (check out a longer definition here).

Regardless of what the original intent of the phrase was, we know it now as an indicator of WHERE. Where are you?

So, as 2019 comes to a close and 2020 arrives in a few days, I ask you the same question.

Where are you?

And the question immediately after that is, where do you want to be?

What’s your twenty? 2020 Goal Setting & Printable at http://www.carriewisehart.com/blog

I’ve found the best way to complete my goals is to stop wishing and start doing, and in order to DO, I have to actually think about the goals and write them down. So this year, I created a three page PRINTABLE that you can write down your TWENTY goals for 2020.

The first goal (after writing your name) is to choose a WORD for 2020. What is your focus?

Then, goals 1 & 2 ask you to think about your PHYSICAL (water, health, food, etc.) and SPIRITUAL goals (prayer, meditation, bible reading) for 2020.

Next, you’ll think about habits to form or break, and then your self care goals.

Page 2 starts by asking you to list “your people”. It is impossible for us to care for too many people, so who are the ones who SHARPEN YOU? Who do you want to focus on developing a friendship with this year?

Goal 10 is about decluttering, goal 11 asks you to list some bucket list items for the year, and then 12 & 13 focus on learning. What skill/hobby do you want to learn and what books/audiobooks do you want to read?

The next page is about service –how do you want to give yourself to your community and those who need help?

The last four goals are very important. How will you be held accountable for your twenty goals this year?

How will you spend time on screens and social media?

What verse/quote will you memorize and center yourself on this year?

FINALLY, let’s go wild. What adventure do you need to MAKE SURE happens this year?

Download the printable above and get MOVING on your TWENTY goals this year. Let’s SMASH our goals for 2020 together – and INTENTIONALLY work to MAKE THEM HAPPEN!

I will be filling out my TWENTY GOALS for 2020 in the next few days — I hope you’ll join me! Please comment with some ideas for me to include in my 2020 goals — any ideas?

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