2020: All of it (our very late Christmas Card — as usual)

I am not a very good Christmas card sender.

I love photo cards and long, newsy letters that catch me up to speed on the lives of all my friends and family…but, alack, I rarely send them.

I have real “Christmas card slacker guilt” struggles – and well, it’s already past Christmas. So there you go.

But all that has changed with the fourth annual Wisehart Christmas card//blog (the first one is here)…(and the second one is here). (annnnnnnd…the third one).

Contents include: a short year in review, a few of my favorite things, and upcoming adventures (and it’s not very long)!

So, imagine you are opening a beautifully thick envelope. Smell it (it smells like cupcakes), and enjoy the red and silver confetti that falls all over your clothes and your floor. Here’s this year’s pictures:

Our baby girl attended her first semi-formal (as a FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! AAAAAHHHH!) — and the sun just seemed to shine down on her beautiful heart while we were taking the pictures. What an awesome moment to share with her.

A short year in review

This year a dream came to life.

The Choose Conference made its debut in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My heart has always had a love for teenagers — and I love mentoring. I was excited to offer a one day interactive conference that brings girls ages 12-112 together to CHOOSE JESUS over EVERYTHING ELSE.

The conference came about ONLY because of Jesus living in a tribe of humble, hard working girls who wanted to see girls and women choose Jesus over everyone and everything else. That tribe of girls dedicated their hearts and lives to making the conference happen.

There were generous donations of plates and masking tape and money and bags and sharpies and table cloths and doors and time and energy…the list goes on and on. GOD MADE IT HAPPEN.

And I am jumping up and down excited to say…shhhhhh…that The Choose Conference is coming BACK on September 19, 2020! YOU HEARD IT FIRST, BLOG READERS! Put it on your calendar with a big X, because there is NOTHING LIKE THIS CONFERENCE! And we have SO MUCH THAT IS AMAZING PLANNED!

Brady felt God’s call on his life to begin doing daily devotional videos on August 8, 2019. He has done one EVERY SINGLE DAY since then.

His heart is to give opportunities for people to learn about the Bible and learn how to OBEY God’s Word every single day. He is currently walking through a reading plan that follows the Ministry Of Jesus. You can jump in at anytime and grab it here.

The reading plan will finish up at Easter.

The Little House in the Woods

One of my FAVORITE highlights of the year is the Wisehart Family DOWNSIZES! (Read the post here) We went from 2800 square feet to 936 square feet of living space. Minimizing makes life SO MUCH EASIER!

I am so content – we literally got rid of over a BLOCK of boxes and trash and furniture. We sold a lot, gave away a lot, and every single thing has its own place!

Check out our video tour!

Here are some updated pictures since the original video:

Kayden now has her OWN YouTube channel, and loves creating videos of her music and art. She plays guitar for our youth group and continues to write her own songs. Check out her most recent video here:

Over all, our family had a FANTASTIC year, including a beautiful spring break trip to Key West. We have spent lots of time with Jesus and have been growing in Him. So thankful for 2019.

My favorite things

Every year I do a little section of favorite things from the past year. I am NOT paid to advertise anything. Just showing some love!

My favorite earrings: There is a local girl named Ana Pierson who sells polymer clay earrings. However, even if you’re not local, you can check her out on Instagram: @chasms.cc

One of my favorite charities to grab fun stuff from and support:

Ladder 34 – This organization makes cool products out of damaged fire hoses. You can shop to support certain fire departments – New York, Chicago, etc. I got a super cool up cycled belt made from actual fire hose. I absolutely love it.

Book that’s making a difference in my life:

Something Needs to Change – David Platt

I’m actually leading a bible study based on the book in January because I feel that so many people need to read this book. It is challenging, convicting, and life changing.

I’m excited for all that 2020 has in store for us.

Upcoming adventures

I will be finishing my Educational Leadership Masters degree in Administration in May, and will be praying about what direction God will lead me toward in the upcoming years.

The Choose Conference is coming (SEPTEMBER 19) and Brady and I are possibly planning another trip to Israel this summer — this time, with Kayden.

Finally, I am currently working on my next book — I am hoping to release it at The Choose Conference in the fall. Be looking for the “ask” to be on my Street Team and be one of the first to get a copy!

The most important part of my life is Jesus, and I continue to grow closer to Him every day. This year, He has told me He wants “All of it” – everything. My WHOLE SELF including everything in y life. Without Him, I am NOTHING — and if you want to know more about Him or would like me to pray for you, please reach out on any of my social media, e-mail, or leave a comment.

Happy New Year and Blessings from the Wisehart’s!

Carrie (and family)

I took my students to New York in October, and Kayden got to come along!
New York and the other AMAZING teachers and adults who helped out!
We all got a chance to visit Brady’s birth mom and family over Thanksgiving! It was a BLAST!