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All about Carrie in ten sentences:

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  1. She loves Jesus.
  2. She loves to surprise attack her students with stamps that have her mottos written DSC_0288still needs workon them: Choose Joy & Best Day Ever (today is the best day ever because if it were my last day I would want it to be my best day – so today is the best day ever).
  3. The best day ever can be made complete by: bicycle rides, organic white chocolate, a bottle of Kombucha, and snuggling with her husband Brady and her daughter Kayden.
  4. She used to be one of those crazy English teachers who likes to employ ninja kicks, unbirthdays, and any method to reach her beloved students. Now she’s an Assistant Principal who hands out stickers every Friday.
  5. She has written a book called, Choose: An Invitation to the Best Day Ever Adventure and you should give it a read!
  6. Inhaling books, adventuring, bravery, and artistry are among some of her favorite pastimes.
  7. She love love loves people: being with people, learning from people, praying with (and for) people, laughing with people, meeting new people, loving on people (YOU kind of people! Let’s chat! Coffee?)
  8. Once upon a time she wanted to be an opera singer or broadway belter, but God had bigger, wilder plans. She still loves to sing and worship is her pathway to His presence.
  9. She loves to speak to people (call me! I’ll come to your church/school/place/coffee shop/basement) about her heart, tell her stories, and give credit to the man who took her brokenness and became enough so she didn’t have to be: her Jesus.
  10. If you really know Carrie, she doesn’t want to stop at 10, but it is totally necessary or you might get bored and want to stab your eye with a fork. Don’t do it!!!! (The normal, boring biography is below)


The boring bio:

DSC_0156 not really

Carrie Wisehart can best be described as creative, energetic, and in relentless pursuit of Jesus Christ. She is a speaker, worship leader, prayer warrior, author and high school teacher. In every area of leadership, Carrie’s life reflects her passion for knowing God and leading others into His life changing presence. Carrie loves speaking and leading worship, using drama, music, poetry and humor to communicate the love of Jesus.

For the past 23 years Carrie has touched the heart of her high school students by recognizing their unique strengths and helping them develop their fullest potential. Through the privilege of educating students, Carrie has won NBC 33’s Excellence in Education award, was featured for her innovative teaching on one of the final episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, and was honored as a Woman of Northeast Indiana by 21 Alive television. Most recently, she was named Remarkable Woman of 2022 by WANE TV.

Carrie holds degrees in Vocal Performance and English Education from Olivet Nazarene University as well as a master’s degree in theatre from The Ohio State University. She also has her Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership from Purdue University.

She loves to speak to people about her heart, tell stories, and give credit to the Man who took her brokenness and became enough so she didn’t have to be: her Jesus. In addition to speaking at church and religious settings, she leads educational workshops for teachers and future teachers. She loves inspiring others to choose joy in this adventure called life. Carrie has great passion for changing the world wherever she is planted.

The most important people in her life are husband, Brady and 17 year old daughter, Kayden. They live in a little house in the woods in Ft. Wayne, IN. Carrie currently serves as the Associate Principal at DeKalb High School in Waterloo, Indiana.

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