Mom & Me Mystery Mondays

My daughter Kayden has reached the ripe age of 10.

And I might be wrong, but I don’t remember being so young when I faced “girl” issues. Kids are talking about things earlier, growing up earlier, being exposed to so much more…earlier.

Whether it’s right or wrong isn’t my point of discussion right now. Because whether it’s right or wrong, it’s happening. And although I’m floating around in a daze trying to wrap my head around my little girl getting older, I am a “do-er.”

I am an activator. I need to instigate change and make it happen.

So my constantly active brain has been rolling around what I can do to be the most dominant participant in my daughter’s coming of age years.

By dominant participant (let’s call it DP – that sounds cooler), I mean I want to be more involved than her friends, her teachers, the media, society, her school. I want to be the main squeeze (along with her dad) in this process.

Everything is fighting for her attention. She is learning stuff like a sponge, soaking it in from every outlet. I want to be the main source of water pouring into that sponge.

So, how am I going to accomplish being the DP?

That’s when I came up with it:

Mom & Me//Mystery Mondays

Every Monday, when I pick Kayden up from my friend Beth’s house, she and I will go on a Mystery Adventure.

It could be 20 minutes – or it could be an hour.

But it must start with M.

(I know, that is going to take quite a bit of creativity on my part, but I can make it work. I hope.)

The first Monday I had the perfect plan. I loooooove Mud Love bracelets. I have a super cool one that a student gave me that says, “be the change”. Mud Love starts with…you guessed it! M!


Kayden was asking me all weekend, all Monday morning. She was anticipating it – the plan was fool proof. I was super amped about it as well. I was steppin’ up the DP ladder.

The Mud Love kiosk is at our local mall. Right by the Starbucks. So, Mud Love and Mochas it was…and I was all stoked to get matching (oooooo….starts with M!) bracelets for Kayden and I.

Kayden was guessing all the way into the mall, throwing out M words like an obsessive baseball pitcher – trying to figure out what we were going to do.

I felt super triumphant – like Wonder Woman of Mom-dom. And then we arrived at the Starbucks…and no Mud Love. A grumpy woman at the Cricket Phone Booth told us that Mud Love was no more. Gone. Kaput.

But Kayden wasn’t stressed out, and neither was I. We were together. And it was special. We didn’t get our Mud Loves.

But we got our Mochas.

And we…well, more like she…talked.

And talked.

And inhaled a New York bagel smothered in cream cheese.

And sucked down a mocha frappuccino in between giggles.

And this Mama was happy.

Oh, so happy.

Not just because I had accomplished my goal of being the DP.

But also because I was engrossed in the beauty of a little girl growing up – and how I was privileged to be part of the process. And whether all my plans worked out perfectly or not, it didn’t matter.

Because she is MINE (M….). MY girl. And we were MAKING MEMORIES. And the intentional choice to spend uninterrupted, no phone, no media time with her was priceless.

Just like she is.


I have included a fun Mom and Me Mystery Mondays printable to hang on your frig! There is one for Mom & Me, and one for anyone to fill in the blank… _____________ & Me Mondays. It has the rules and a way to keep track of what you did for the month.

Download Anyone & Me Mystery Mondays here!!!

Download Mom & Me Mondays by clicking here!

Mom & Me MondaysAnyone & Me Mystery Mondays

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