Mindless words are like mindless eating (let’s get rid of them both).

It has been two years since my dramatic life change. I went from drinking 2-two liters of Diet Coke before lunch to just drinking water. I went from eating an entire large pizza by myself to a diet of entirely clean, organic, non-GMO, preservative free foods. I went from eating fast food 2-3 times a week to eating no fast food at all (unless you count Chipotle – Chipotle is my jam).

Before my life change, I did a lot of “mindless” eating. I didn’t think about what I ate and I put stuff in my mouth that harmed my body. If it tasted good I ate it, if it served my needs I ate it. I didn’t care how that food affected me, my family, or my environment. I didn’t care about my health, my stamina, or my ability to exercise.

I lived to eat. I didn’t eat to live.

And in the process, I was starving my body of what it REALLY needed.

A lot of people treat their words that way. I’ve done it myself.

Mindless words are a lot like mindless eating.

Many times, we don’t think about what we say. We don’t consider how it will affect those around us, let alone how it will ultimately affect us.

If it makes us feel better about ourselves, we say it.

If it serves our needs, we say it.

If it gets us what we want, we say it.

If it makes us feel superior, we say it.

If it makes us look popular, wanted, or socially acceptable, we say it.

Regardless of the damage it may cause, we continue to allow words to vomit out of our mouths, oblivious to the effect it has on the world. We take the words of others and reconstruct them to fit our needs.

It doesn’t help US, either. It continues to create in us this negative world that feeds us poisonous food that is slowly causing us to die. There is no joy in mindless words.

We cause others to bleed with our words.

We damage large masses on social media with our words.

We love to hear the sound of our own voice, lifting ourselves up with our words.

We abuse the ones we love most with our words.

We show hatred, prejudice, and blindness with our words.

We allow others to influence and sabotage our words.

We aren’t living an intentional life with our words, causing a massive, destructive, impact on our own private (and public) worlds.

Just like we should be eating to live instead of living to eat,
we should be speaking to live instead of living to speak.

We have been given the gift of words. We should speak to live instead of live to speak.

Speak and offer life to others instead of living to hear our own voices.

Just like what we put INTO our bodies should fill our bodies with the nutrients we need to live, what comes OUT of our bodies should provide joy, comfort, constructive criticism, love to others – it should also offer what we need to live.

We should point out the positive with our words.

We should empower people with our words.

We should become upstanders (not bystanders) with our words.

We should make the world a better place with our words.

We should live a life of gratitude and speak about it with our words.

Mindless words, just like mindless eating, have caused deep wounds in our nations, communities, and homes.

If we would CHOOSE to speak life, we would begin the healing process in both ourselves and those around us.

“Words are, of course,
the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
Rudyard Kipling

I would take that quote one step further: Words are, of course, the most powerful food used by mankind. Let’s use them to provide the nutrients and life this world needs to become a better place.

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