3 must-try mind-blowing magnificent activities to spark your inner child again

Peter Pan had some incredible wisdom when he decided never to grow up. I mean, there are some pretty cool things to do when you’re grown up – you can get a job you love, drive a car, own your house – there are lots of super awesome grown-uppy things that make being grown up worthwhile.

But somewhere in all the growing up, we lost our magic.

We lost our ability to jump in ball pits, sing at the top of our lungs during birthday parties, ride our bikes furiously through the neighborhood while pretending to chase the bad guys…the list goes on and on.

There are so many things we “just don’t do” because we’re grown up. And because we’ve decided some things are just “too childish” and “embarrassing”, we’re losing our imagination, our creativity, and our pure love of each moment.

I love watching babies (just watching them, not owning them or having them – I have one middle school baby and that’s enough for me!).

You put something new in front of a baby and her eyes get big as she explores that thing with her eyes, her hands, and yes, even her mouth. She is excited and amazed by that new thing.

We’ve lost our magic.

Well, my friends, I propose 3 must-try, mind-blowing, magnificent activities I DARE YOU to try. And I also propose that if you try EVEN ONE of these must-try, mind-blowing, magnificent activities, you will spark that inner child. Perhaps you will giggle a bit. Perhaps you will laugh out loud. Perhaps you will have fun.

Perhaps you’ll believe in magic.

So, what are these things of which I speak?


Showath Synchronized Swimming

I love to take showaths.

What are they, you might ask?

These are shower baths.

I love baths, but mine is very small – and my legs are too long, so one half of my body is very cold while the other is very warm. Dichotomy.

Therefore, I invented the showath.

The trick is to plug the tub while running the shower. Lay down in the bath and allow it to fill while you are still being drenched in yummy warm water.

But wait – there’s more.

Next, you lay very flat on the tub floor and stick your legs in the air. Now is when you practice your best synchronized swimming routine.

If you need some help with synchronized swimming, check out this video from Britain’s Got Talent – it can give you some good tips for your routine.

The combination of a relaxing bath, cleansing shower, and aerobic activity.

Guaranteed magic, friends.


Sidewalk Spelunking

Grab some rope and a couple friends, peeps.

Or do this by yourself.

But it’s time to do some climbing.

Sidewalk climbing, that is.

You need to start by checking out Monty Python’s version of sidewalk climbing for inspiration.

Here are the basic steps of sidewalk climbing.

  1. Lay on your stomach on the sidewalk.
  2. Be sure you have a helmet for protection.
  3. Be sure you have ropes, carabineers, and any other equipment to keep you from falling and hurting yourself.
  4. Climb.
  5. If you fall, be sure to keep your body limp so as not to break any bones or hurt any other climbers on your descent.

This picture, taken from photobucket with credit to Monty Python, shows the climbing process in great detail.

climbing the sidewalk

Sidewalk climbing will scare your neighbors, make your family laugh, and give you some quality time with your friends. I plan on doing this very soon with my girlfriends for some “bonding” time (my friends reading this just got very scared).

Sidewalk spelunking? Pure magic.


Stealthy, Sinister Spying

This is quite possibly the most fun must-try, mind-blowing activity. Basically all you have to do is this:

  1. Choose a spying victim
  2. Spy on them, making sure to be stealthy and sinister

My friend, Buffy and I did this most successfully while attending a friend’s barbeque.

All the boys were grilling on the deck and Buffy and I ran from tree to tree, rolling behind logs and dodging strange glances from the men who were making our delicious burgers.

Of course, my husband made sure to yell, “I can see you, Carrie.”

And in response, I hid behind a tiny tree and told him he absolutely COULD NOT see me. I was a stealthy, sinister spy. And whether he could really see me or not, I was imagining he couldn’t see me, and that’s what mattered.

We had the MOST fun forgetting we were official adults and pretending we could still play with our magic imaginations.

AS A BONUS: I have also created the most undetectable spying method – spying with your knife. I have taught countless adults and teenagers this amazing procedure.

  1. Place the edge opposite the sharp edge on your nose.
  2. Now, look in the reflective part of the knife.
  3. You will be able to spy on people across the room or across the table.
  4. No one will notice.

DO NOT Google putting a knife on your nose. I was looking for a video of sorts, and well, the results of my Google search were a bit scary. So, instead I took a picture of myself with the knife in correct position. Keep in mind, this is a PLASTIC knife, so spying would not be possible with this particular tool.


In all seriousness, my friends, don’t lose your childlike love of life. These are just a few of the things you can do to keep yourself living young.

So, go ahead friend, pretend your floor is lava, scribble in your coloring book, play on the playground, and finger paint. Whatever you can do to keep that magic of childhood alive.

Oh – and I’m always looking for new ideas – so comment below! PLEASE!!!! Who knows, I might actually try your idea and post about it!

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