everything you need to know about high school in one blog post

I’ve been teaching high school for 17 years. And I’ve been writing about high school on my blog for the last three years.

My most pbfgfopular “high school-y” post went viral with over 350,000 views – “10 reasons you don’t need a boyfriend (or girlfriend) in high school” – and it’s worth the read for parents, students, grandparents – anyone who has a teenager in your life. It’s a good back to school reminder.

And speaking of back to school (really? seriously? summer is almost over? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) this post is a round-up of some of my best and most popular high school related advice posts from the last three years – hopefully you will find some inspiration in one (or many) of them!

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Your kisses




You do not need a barbie body

For the student who is consideringsuicide





How to survive the

The five peoplewho should matter the most to you RIGHT NOW




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