conversations in the car (free eBook!!)

My daughter is now in middle school. Not an easy time for her (or me, sometimes). She has moved to a new school, with all new kids, new experiences and new changes. Everything is new. But with all of these changes, I have a very awesome commodity offered to me this year that I haven’t had before.

Time in the car.

Both before and after school, Kayden and I have at least 25 minutes of time when she is basically “stuck” with me. Lately, I’ve realized I am not using that time to my advantage.

It’s strange in an amazing way – in that enclosed space, Kayden is often more willing to talk about things. She’s in a safe space. No one else can hear her and she has her mother’s undivided attention because I am stuck behind the wheel.

That’s how Conversations in the Car was born. I am in the process of developing lists of weekly questions I want to ask Kayden that create a space for open and organic conversation. The idea is that I am intentional with our time – and that means being intentional with my preparation for that time.

I have decided I would like to share that experience with YOU as I develop the questions and conversations for me and Kayden. I’m starting with a one month eBook, Conversations in the Car.

Download the eBook now below (for free!) and decide if you’d like to join us on this intentional adventure to grow closer together. I want to KNOW my daughter and her heart. Maybe some days we’ll start with the question I prepared – and maybe it will lead us somewhere entirely different. But I know that I love her very much and this decision is an intentional way to show her how much.

Join me. I want to live as if today is my last day – and that means making it my best day. And part of my best day involves questions, conversation, and listening to the important people in my life.

DOWNLOAD One Month of Conversations in the Car HERE


I’d love to hear more ideas for topics of conversation to include in my next eBook! Please feel free to add your ideas below!

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