Let’s really live, shall we?

Let’s be like Henry David Thoreau! He said he wanted to “live deep and suck out all the marrow of life” (I remember my high school English teacher, Mr. Myers, proclaiming this boldly from atop a school desk)!

Let’s breathe deep and embrace life’s EVERYTHING!

I am choosing to live this best day ever adventure. So what “choosing” am I up to lately?

Keeping a tiny moleskine journal of sweet, satisfying, stuff. It’s all simple stuff, but sweet and satisfying, nonetheless. Appreciating the tiny things helps me remember:

…remember what’s important…remember I have it pretty good…remember that today is the best day ever…remember I can’t choose what happens but I can choose how I respond…remember that writing down the sweet simple stuff gives me perspective…remember to be grateful.

Here’s just some of my list. I’ll be posting them on my Instagram as a way to stay positive when there are so many negative vibes on social media lately.

What is some #sweetsatisfyingstuff in your life lately? I tell you, once I started, I filled one whole baby moleskine and I’ve already started another one. When we write down what we’re grateful for, it’s like a domino effect.

I am so blessed. And so are you.