find the good

What would happen if for the next 24 hours you ONLY focused on the good in every situation?

What if you made the DECISION, the CHOICE to only see the POSITIVE? To derive GOOD out of EVERYTHING?

This morning I reached out to my FeeBees (that’s Carrie-speak for my Facebook friends) and gave them that very challenge. I asked them, just for the next day, to find the good in every situation, no matter how challenging, no matter how difficult, no matter how devastating.

In the ultimate of plot twists, immediately after I blasted that challenge across the internet airwaves, I entered my classroom and in the process of plugging something in, blew up a socket and electrocuted my thumb. This was the resulting Facebook Post:

Here is the socket and the result of my wall explosion:

I am not saying that my electrocuted thumb would be the death of my good day, but how many times do we allow our CIRCUMSTANCES to control our feelings? How often do we allow a series of unfortunate events to determine how our day goes?

I forced myself to laugh and look at the good in my blown socket. And frankly, I had a funny story to tell.

It’s all about perspective, friends.  We can tell any story two different ways. We can focus on what we’ve learned, what’s good, what we can USE to make us better, OR we can allow the bad, the negative, the suffering to overwhelm us to the point that our days are ruined and, well, everyone else around us knows it.

Just try it. You can do anything for ONE day. Choose to see the good in today, and then allow it to bless someone else. Post about it and encourage others to find the good as well.

We need it more than ever lately. Let’s find the good together.

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