3rd Annual December Daily Good Deeds! (and a PRINTABLE calendar!)

This is the THIRD year of December Daily Good Deeds...and I hope you join me in spreading KINDNESS to those around you! The last two years have been a blast and I can’t wait for this year!

The focus of December Daily Good Deeds is to intentionally keep our eyes on OTHERS this Christmas season. Each day there is a specific kindness activity for you to do by yourself, with your kids, with your friends, with your family, or with your students!

But the goal is to concentrate on kindness in a season of shopping, parties, and crazy. This is the way my daughter and I do “the countdown”. In years past, she would get a piece of candy out of a countdown calendar.


It looks like this!

This year, instead of just creating a printable LIST, I created a printable calendar which you can print here: December Daily Good Deeds Calendar PDF PRINTABLE

At the bottom of the calendar are a couple additional “family and/or friends fun” suggestions – like taking a ride to see Christmas lights – but always without phones. Take a break from the crazy and just be together!

I hope your experience with December Daily Good Deeds is a wonderful one! Let me know if you and your family or friends are going to join us this year!

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For the List of Now activity that I reference on the 31st of the calendar, go here!