talking to strangers (and other ways to live the best day ever adventure)

I had an English teacher in high school who loved to jump on desks and yell about “sucking all the marrow out of life” (it’s a Henry David Thoreau quote). He was one of my favorites and became one of my role models when it came to my own teaching career – mostly because he yelled on top of desks, but I digress.

Just like that quote, I want to savor every single moment life has to offer. I don’t want to miss anything. I want to gather it all up and treasure it and THEN I want to jump up on life’s desk and yell about it to everyone I can (including you, friends!). I want to share life’s beauty with everyone in earshot – and then I want to find all the others who can’t hear me and tell them, too!

This Best Day Ever Adventure lifestyle is living each day as if it were my last. And it has changed (or enhanced) much of what I do.

Guys. I don’t understand it. Do you want to REALLY live life? Do you want to SUCK THE MARROW OUT OF LIFE? Do you want to discover the treasures hidden in all the cracks and crevices of life’s canyons?

ME, TOO!!!!!!!!!! Then let’s JUST DO IT!

Here are just a few very important ways I try and live this short life in a way that is John 10:10 ABUNDANT. Jump up on the desk with me. I promise it will be fun. Pinky promise.

  1. I do things. I know that sounds silly, but let me explain. We spend a lot of time talking, writing, discussing, and dreaming about the things we want to do. But why not actually do them? For years I said I wanted to write a book. Finally, I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Then write a book, silly.” And then I actually wrote a book (grab it here!). We can spend a whole bunch of time talking about doing something when we could actually be doing it. I’ve decided to stop wishing and just start doing. What’s that thing you really want to do? DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. (picture me chanting in your ear.)
  2. This includes reading. For years I said I didn’t have time to read. I mean, I’m a teacher and I have papers to grade. I’m a pastor’s wife and I have bible studies to lead. I’m a mom and wife and writer and speaker and worship leader and…stop the excuses. Let’s be frank. We do what we want to do. So last year one of my goals was to read every day BECAUSE UM, I love to read SO WHY AM I NOT DOING IT????  Even if it was just a chapter or a paragraph or a sentence, I was GOING TO READ. And I finished 30 books last year with a goal to read 35 this year. It is uber possible to read more (need a way to track your reading? Join me on Goodreads).
  3. Obey. STOP BEING HESITANT and shrinking back when you feel that inner voice telling you to give a compliment, make a friend, donate something, or pray for someone. Recently some friends and I were at a restaurant, and our waitress had a cast on her arm. I felt like I was supposed to ask her if we could pray for her. She responded so positively to our prayers that she asked us to sign her cast. We would have COMPLETELY MISSED THE BLESSING TRAIN if we didn’t obey what Jesus was asking us to do. Don’t miss the blessing train. It’s an AMAZING TRAIN RIDE, GUYS.
  4. That means (for me – and you can, too) talking to strangers. Now my hubby would probably tell you I overdo the talking to strangers stuff, but in ONE Barnes and Noble visit I had THREE divine appointments with total and complete strangers that were NOT circumstance. It was like a divine appointment BOMB went off in that store!!!! It was so exciting! Every single time I have reached out to stranger I have learned something. I have been blessed. And it has helped me become BRAVER the next time. Imagine us in a plane getting ready to SKY DIVE. I’m gonna push you out that door, friend. Meet some NEW PEOPLE! Just say hello and smile. It’s amazing what happens next.
  5. Sing and dance. A lot. Loudly. One of my favorite pastimes is singing in the car and smiling at other drivers who pass me. I often sit in a parking lot for long periods of time just belting out a show tune or a worship song at the top of my lungs. YAAAAAS, people look at me strangely. But DOES IT MATTER?????? NOPE. It does the body, mind, and soul good to have a self dance party in the car. Just let yourself go a little. Or a lot. It’s worth it.

There is so much this life has to offer. AAAAAAAHHHHHH! I don’t want you to blink and miss it! It’s right there waiting for you!!! Come on, let’s GO ALREADY!

I’m spending 2018 learning more about ALL the amazing opportunities life has (2018 is my YEAR OF LEARNING). I even started learning to yodel (check out this Monday’s upcoming YouTube video for more on that – you should REALLY SUBSCRIBE to my channel and get my videos EVERY MONDAY).

Let’s make sure we live this life as if each day is our last. Let’s not wait for a diagnosis to get things in perspective. Let’s be proactive with the process.

After all, today IS the best day ever.

Carrie’s book, Choose: An Invitation to the Best Day Ever Adventure, is a book that gives you 21 challenges to CHOOSE in order to live the John 10:10 life – full and abundant. Pick it up on Amazon today!