a quote to help me STOP COMPLAINING

Hey guys.

I’m in week two of my “No Complaining Challenge“. This is my fourth year of taking this challenge on, and it’s timed pretty perfectly. Especially this year when we are in the middle of


Seriously. We are supposed to have a -53 wind chill on Wednesday.

**Big Pause**

But wait. I just had a revelation.

What is so bad about the cold? I mean, it’s cold. I walk outside, shiver, and then get in my warmed up car. Why does the COLD have so much control over me? It shouldn’t. And politics shouldn’t. And other people’s choices shouldn’t.

Winston Churchill once said, “A man is about as big as the things that make him angry.”

Um, wow.

When I read that quote I literally took a step back and

just stood there.



This “No Complaining Challenge” is super important to me. Because I don’t want to let the gross stuff of life have control over me. Why would I choose to let a cold day RUIN my best day ever?

That’s ridiculous.

There are a lot of worse things that can happen. And a lot of them have already happened to me. And life is still full and beautiful and promising.

Because I can choose it.

Winston Churchill had to lead a country when no one liked him. That could be pretty problematic.

I can’t let circumstances control me. And how do I do it? By getting to control my RESPONSE to those circumstances. I am never perfect at it, but I’m trying. I’m learning. I’m growing.

And I’m trying to stop complaining. You should join me.

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