stop worrying about being “pretty”

At some point in her life, every girl longs to be pretty. Or she longs to be considered pretty. Or she longs for someone to say she is pretty. It’s just what the world has inferred almost bluntly (if you can bluntly infer something), that a girl should be. But here’s the deal, friends. This is what I found when I searched the definition of “pretty”.


adjective: attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful or handsome.

noun: an attractive thing, typically a pleasing but unnecessary accessory

verb: to make pretty or attractive

This only shores up what I’m getting ready to write about being pretty. Just look at the official definition, kids. Pretty, when using with other words as an adjective, means attractive in a “delicate” way, but WITHOUT being TRULY beautiful or handsome.

Who defines delicate?

Who defines TRULY beautiful or handsome?

Who even decides that?

But as a NOUN – it means attractive — but an UNNECESSARY ACCESSORY.

So, a “pretty” is something to accessorize? With something else? Not by itself?

And it’s unnecessary.

And THIS is what we aspire to be called? To be considered?

To be?

And then, the grand finale. The verb. You have to “make” pretty. “Make” attractive. So to achieve the noun part, which means attractive, you become an UNNECESSARY addition.

This is the actual dictionary definition of pretty. And we want to be that?

Although we may not have defined pretty that way ourselves while growing up, the truth of what pretty is, what pretty expects, and what pretty wants is an expectation of ourselves that is —


Pretty is completely and utterly an unnecessary ACCESSORY to what really matters and WHO you are. Because who you want to be is the ADVERB definition —

adverb: to a moderately high degree

Pretty kind.

Pretty loyal.

Pretty honest.

Pretty smart.

Pretty helpful.

Pretty determined.

Pretty capable.

Pretty amazing.

You see, you don’t have to be perfect. Well, you can’t. Because no one is. But to a moderately high degree you can be pretty ___________. And you can —

…pretty much IGNORE all the things SCREAMING at you to be pretty.

Because PRETTY isn’t what you want anyway. What you want is to have worth.

And baby, you’ve already got that.

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