teacher tip tuesday

During my last year of teaching, I knew there was the possibility I would be entering the world of administration very soon — so I made it a personal goal to make teacher tip videos on Tuesdays once a month that last year.

I didn’t just want the videos for others — but also for myself, so that I wouldn’t forget my passion, my philosophy, my purpose as a teacher. I enjoyed creating and posting the videos – and it forced me to really think about what was (and still is) important to me.


In honor of those Tuesday videos, I wanted to post some of the resources I have created the last 24 years of my educational career. Please feel free to use, pass along, and share! Just click on the images!

Click on this image to be linked to the Motivational Monday slides I share with my teachers every week!
Click on this image to view LAST YEAR’S Motivational Monday slide deck!

A blog post full of resources for all my teacher people.