My Year of the Brave: List of 40

This is the page I will keep track of my list of 40 things I will do during the year I turn 40. Of course, I am sure there will be other posts chronicling these exciting adventures, but here I will keep track of the basics. If you’d like to read the original post about my list of 40, check it out here.

  1. Ride in RAGBRAI (July 2015 – 500 mile bike race)
  2. Do an Endurance Race (Bike, Hike, Kayak)
  3. Watch a football game from beginning to end – Complete January 1, 2015: OSU beats Alabama!!
  4. Ride a motorcycle Thanks, Larry Hughes for the ride on your Harley! August 16, 2015motorcycle
  5. Blow things up (pumpkins, bottles, etc.)
    I got to do this on my 40th birthday with my friend Nicole Croy and her family!
  6. Read the Bible entirely through
  7. Meet a new neighbor and do an act of kindness Kayden and I “boo’ed” our next door neighbor with a bucket of candy! 10/21/2015
  8. Leave a letter in a library bookletters in library books 2 

    Friday, March 6 – CFC Library

  9. Milk a cow
  10. Choose a word to actively never use again
    April 21, 2015 The word BUSY is eradicated from my vocabulary
  11. Listen to war stories
  12. Karaoke with friends
  13. Simplify my entire house
  14. Give up my seat
  15. Go horseback riding
  16. Climb something (rock, mountain, tree)
  17. Write a letter of appreciation to a former teacher
  18. Prom Dress Pool Party
  19. Prom Dress Bowling
  20. Prom Dress Color Wars
  21. Finger Paint
    I did this with my sister-in-law, Amy during our Christmas holiday together!
  22. Road Trip with no destination in mind
  23. Grow an edible plant
  24. Attend a festival
    RAGBRAI was a bicycle ride and festival – AMAZING!
  25. Pay it forward at a restaurant/coffee shop Paid it forward for a sweet couple at the best restaurant EVER! Chipotle! Friday, October 23
  26. Ride 3000 miles on my bicycle in the year
  27. Ride a century (hundred miles in one day)
    On July 4, 2015 I rode from Vicksburg, Michigan to Fort Wayne, IN – 100 miles! 100 miles
  28. Make a snow angel in shorts and a t-shirt  Feb. 2, 2015 See video here:
  29. All food I eat has to start with my initials for an entire day
  30. Work at a grocery store until they notice I don’t work there and ask me to leave
  31. Memorize the Apostle’s Creed and the Beatitudes
  32. Serve at the homeless shelter
    Collecting socks for Socktober to give to the Homeless!! (2 boxes already!)
  33. Give a $100 bill to someone in need
  34. Get 1,000 hits on a blog post
    See my Back to School Letter to Students & Parents!! Over 330,000 hits (so far!) on my 10 reasons you don’t need a boyfriend (or girlfriend) in high school!
  35. Teach 1,000 miles on my bicycle (Cycling Sessions)
    Finished the miles, now working on the video!
  36. Sleep under the stars RAGBRAI (July 2015) and family camping
  37. Learn to shoot a bow
  38. Ride a mechanical bull
  39. Commit acts of kindness on a weekly basis
  40. BONUS BOX! I’m leaving this one open to all the other great ideas I come up with. There could be 10 more, there could be 20!! Woot! Can’t wait for my year!
    1. Wear a constrictor snake The Agriculture Teacher at school had a snake. Had to take a selfie!snake selfie