In honor of National Poetry Month April 2016, I am creating a page to house the poetry I’ve written. Since I am a writer, it is easy to express my heart’s A broken beautydesires, my innermost thoughts and feelings through the art of writing. Often I do this through free verse poetry.

Several years ago I created a blog dedicated to those with “A Broken Beauty“. These poems were in honor of people in my life who have taken their suffering, mistakes, and pain and realized it makes them beautiful. Our past shouldn’t be seen as regret, but as beautiful lessons learned that help us identify with others in our sphere of influence who have similar (or different) struggles.

Other poetry I write is out of my passion for tthe poetry collectioneaching – what I have witnessed in the lives of my students or through the window of education. I also write poetry that is my worship – the way I express my adoration for my Jesus.

Feel free to peruse these pages and enjoy – feel free to comment or ask questions. We express ourselves through many mediums, but the art of poetry is just another beautiful way I tell stories.

Worship Collection