there was a girl
who thanked God
for her eyes

He provided surgery for her to see.

there was a girl
who lived many places

He helped her understand and adapt to change.

there was a girl
who asked God
Why my father?

He restored, healed, renewed her in the midst of darkness and gave her hope.

This girl was
seeking death and God provided a way out.

This girl needed
someone to show her unconditional love
and God gave her a friend.

This girl experienced
danger with a man
and God spared her the pain.

This girl desires
lifetime love
and God has His timing planned.

All of the ways this girl experienced God –
she was being prepared
to show another girl
or another
as He leads her beyond her wildest dreams
and prepares her home
so they can live
in a loving place where she can show how

He restores, heals, renews in the midst of darkness and gives hope.

All she experienced
and continues to live and grow
she will pass
to the next generation
to those who need to hear

there is a girl
whose broken beauty
will change
another girl’s
Once upon a time.