In FIVE days FOLLOW me on a bike for FIVE HUNDRED miles!!!

Well, my bike is in her bed.  She is packed up and ready to travel to Iowa. It is bike bedhard to believe that we’ve been training for over a year for this ride and now it is only five days away.

Five days!

This Sunday, my husband Brady, our friend Terry, and I will be embarking on the greatest adventure (to date) of our lives.

500 miles, 7 days, 20,000 other bicyclists, across the state of Iowa.

It seems like just yesterday I was struggling to find an exercise I enjoyed. I tried MULTIPLE times to run (which I still can’t seem to find the love for) and it just didn’t click.

Then, I got on a yellow mountain bike – a Trek – and our little family rode 150 10574297_10104859174906455_5172370868699485716_nmiles over the course of one weekend.

And I was hooked.

Since then, I have been working on a series of teaching videos on my bike called The Cycling Sessions (which hopefully will be finished up after our 500 mile ride!), I have ridden 100 miles in ONE day, I have procured my beautiful road bike (currently in her box bed), and have clocked almost 800 miles on that bike ALONE.

So what is this big 500 mile we are getting ready to chase down?

It is called RAGBRAI, and it is one of the biggest cross-state bicycle rides in the United States.

We heard about it from our friend, Chris Pollock, who has completed the ride multiple times with both his father and his son.

We will ride each day, starting early (around 6:30 a.m.) and will bike our way across the state. At each town there are festivals, concerts, food trucks, and all kinds of great people to meet and get to know.

Each night, we will pitch tents and set up camp, taking over the little towns we bed down in. Brady and I will be sleeping on camping mattresses and snuggling in a little two-man tent.

What. An. Adventure!

Here is our route for Day 1.1SundayJuly19 If you click on the map, it shows how far we’re riding, what little towns we can stop in, and when we can get “service” if we need a little help.


FullMap2015This is the FULL ROUTE map. If you click on it, you’ll see exactly where we are headed each day.  Our longest and most difficult day seems to be Day 1 – so hopefully we’ll get that under our belt and the rest will be smooth sailing (ha ha!).

Depending on cell phone service, my hope is to post updates while we travel from place to place. I will be utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope.

If you’re not familiar with Periscope, it gives me the ability to send LIVE video footage AS action is occurring. My hope is to Periscope a couple times. You can download the app, Periscope, on your phone. My username is @carriewisehart. If you have the app, you will receive notifications when I am using the live feature and you can tune in!

Brady and I will also be bringing two GoPro cameras to get some footage while we are on and off the bike. Depending on power and broadcasting capabilities, I am hoping to create a couple vlogs about the day and posting them on social media.

Friends, I am SO excited to cross this item off my list of 40 things I do the year I turn 40…and I am thrilled to jump in and experience one more adventure that will change my life FOR THE BETTER!!

Join me! Follow along! I need your prayers, your encouragement, and your excitement!

It’s going to be the BEST. TRIP. EVER!

The day I completed 100 miles in one day!
The day I completed 100 miles in one day!
My bike computer after my 100 mile ride!
My bike computer after my 100 mile ride!