Sitting on the bus…thoughts about this crazy bicycle ride in Iowa

Last night we dropped off our babies (bikes) and stayed at a small Motel in Nora Springs, Iowa.   

We experienced some hometown cookin’ at Gigi’s – a brand new restaurant that opened for the first time yesterday. We carbed up on a pasta buffet and headed back to the motel for early bedtime – the last bed we actually will sleep on until the ride is over.

This morning we headed to Kevin’s house – our fearless leader who will transport our luggage and provide showers, camp sites, and bike fixing if we need it. He does all the headache work so we don’t have to. 

Now, I’m sitting on this charter bus headed for Sioux City, reflecting on all the steps that got me to this place (and attempting not to get charter bus sick – I get sick in Wendy’s drive thrus, so Dramamine is my best friend on these trips).

Change is a catalyst for change. 

Should I say that again?

Change is a catalyst for change.

In January of 2014, when Brady and I decided to be obedient and go on a 40 day fast, I had no idea that I would be sitting on this bus today. 

I had no idea I would lose 70 pounds, change my eating entirely, begin cycling, ride 100 miles in a day, accumulate 1,000 miles in a year, and be sitting on this bus right now beside the man whose obedience sparked this whole crazy adventure.

The people you surround yourself with are key. Brady makes me better. Terry (our friend on the trip) makes Brady better. 

Who makes you better?

Who pushes you to do things that scare you?

Change is the catalyst for change.

One radical obedience can send you on an adventure you might never have imagined.

Just take that step.

Live outside the box. 

You never know what might happen.