RAGBRAI adventure days 1 & 2

Apparently cell service is optional in Iowa – at least in most of the small towns. Most of my big dreams of real time documentation have been thwarted by giant hills and no cell service. 

Friends, this dream adventure is just as amazing, just as challenging, just as crazy as we imagined. 

And we are living and loving every minute of it. 

Yesterday we logged 91 miles – the extra came from riding around town to try and get enough food to sustain all the riding we are doing.

Today we are up to about 186 total miles. We just set up camp with about 10,000 other people. We are staying on the lawn of a local high school. We pretty much take over the cities and towns (villages, too) we ride through.

The hills are definitely not alive with the sound of music. Unless that music is riders groaning their way up gargantuan hills. My title for Day 1?

Hills, hills, crash, hills.

I had my first crash – and it was Carrie-esque hilarious. Of course, since I don’t get embarrassed it only made Brady laugh (all day) and gave me a couple scratches. I have it all on GoPro and can’t wait to post it when I get home. Let’s just say the fall was followed by many cyclists yelling, “CYCLIST DOWN!!!!” at the top of their lungs.


My title for Day 2?

Paper towel pork chops, rain, and burnt lips.

Had the best pork chop ever for breakfast at about 7 am – it was served in a paper towel (I have it on GoPro). It rained all morning, but it was wonderful because we were able to ride fast for awhile – about 18-20 miles an hour for about 20 miles (we are normally slow).

The burnt lips? Self-explanatory. But happy burnt lips. They are still smiling.

Just a few more RAGBRAI facts:

1. Lots of cyclist lingo to learn – including yelling and pointing (I can teach you later – Brady has helped me with some I was not exactly getting right).

2. There are stops and food EVERYWHERE – mostly pork chops, Gatorade, and bananas. 

3. Everyone has weird tan lines (especially Brady and me).

4. I have met SO MANY people (my husband enjoys snickering at my newfound cycling friends on the road). My favorite joke yesterday was to tell everyone how excited I was about the next hill. They thought I was nuts.

5. It is an adventure that pushes your body, your mind, and your patience. And it is absolutely wonderful. Best. Ride. Ever.