25 ways to love your wife: a tribute to my husband on his birthday

I am blessed. Crazy blessed. Husband blessed.

When I married my man 16 years ago on May 15, 1999, I walked into blessing. And I felt his birthday was the perfect time to outline ways he has loved me unconditionally.

Maybe it will give some guys a few tips. Maybe it will spur a gratitude movement in a few girls – make you recognize what beautiful, unconditional things your husbands do for you. A friend of mine once decided she would write down all the positive things her husband does for her to make it clear all the effort he was making to meet her needs. Maybe some of you will be inspired to write stuff down.

Maybe it will encourage single-still-waiting peeps to WAIT. Because these unconditional loves are OUT THERE. They are hanging out contentedly, biding their time until they find the RIGHT ONE. Don’t second guess or settle for less.

This exists. I promise. I live it every, single, day.

25 ways to love your wife

  1. When I was dating my husband, he told me I was like a present. That as he got to know me, it was like unwrapping the layers. He appreciates who I am.
  2. My husband loves to buy me gifts, which is one of my love languages. Once, when I asked for a pair of flip flops, he gave me almost 15 different pairs because he didn’t know what color I wanted. He recognizes what will speak to me.
  3. My husband ENCOURAGES me to spend time with my friends. He isn’t jealous or selfish with my time.
  4. Teachers tend to have cycles – we get discouraged during certain times of the year. Brady pays attention to those cycles and reminds me that it’s normal – and I’m not crazy. 🙂
  5. He sees the importance of having hobbies together. We bicycle together, hike together, camp together.
  6. Even though he doesn’t love to read, he knows my passion for reading. On the first day of school one year, I opened my van door to find a basket of books.
  7. When we head out on vacation, he always asks me what I’m hoping to happen so we can do just that. He asks me about my needs and how he can meet them.
  8. We have very different personalities. He calls himself the boring train and me the exciting roller coaster. Although I say he is NOT boring, he embraces our differences and loves them.
  9. This guy NEVER puts me down or puts me in negative light in front of other people. Of course, he doesn’t do it privately either, but the point is, he lifts me up rather than puts me down.
  10. When we make decisions as a family, he always asks my opinion.
  11. He has NEVER said a word when I have a tough week and the house is a mess. In fact, he encourages me to relax and doesn’t make me feel guilty.
  12. I have a lot of dreams, do a lot of projects, and I’m always trying something new. My husband encourages me to reach for the stars and makes me feel like a rock star.
  13. When Brady has a new interest, he invites me to be part of it so we can share in the joy. He wants me in his world.
  14. I always take him shopping with me. He loves me enough to tell me the truth about my clothes. He wants me to feel good in what I wear.
  15. He never tells my secrets or betrays my trust. What I tell him is sacred and he tells no one else.
  16. When I mention something I need, it usually shows up on my doorstep or on my kitchen counter. He listens carefully.
  17. We are parents of a 10 year old girl. That can be tough. Lots of parents disagree in front of their kids. But not my husband. He always backs me up and loves me in front of our daughter.
  18. I talk a lot. And he doesn’t always have the same amount of words. But we will talk for hours, processing my thoughts, until I can come to a resolution. He works with me to solve problems.
  19. I’ve always been picky about food. He keeps pushing me until I try new things. He shows me how to be adventurous.
  20. I have a lot of areas to grow. We both do. Before I met Brady, I wasn’t good at confrontation. He has gently pushed me to be stronger and better, and I have grown in that area. He loves me enough not to leave me the way I am.
  21. He thinks I’m hot. At any size, any weight. He was just as attracted to me when I was 70 pounds heavier as he is attracted to me now. And it’s obvious (that’s all I’m going to tell you, hee hee).
  22. He doesn’t exactly love musicals. Or Opera. Or coffee. But he takes me to those places. He wants to show interest in my interests.
  23. When something happens to me and I am hurt or disrespected, he immediately comes to my defense.
  24. His motto is, “He must become greater and I must become less.” He lives his life running recklessly after Jesus and encourages me with his life.
  25. We both make mistakes. We are human. But we have made the choice to love one another daily, despite and because of our flaws. He chooses me over and over again and continues to tell me all the time.

I am extremely grateful for Brady Wisehart. And for the day he was born. And it’s good for me to write down all of these things. It reminds me just how blessed I am.

Happy Birthday to my best friend and partner in crime. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Every. Single. Day.



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