A thank you note for teachers (from a teacher)

I am a mosaic.

My teacher-ness sprouts from many pieces of teachering throughout a lifetime of being taught.

And the beautiful colors that make up my mosaic are only thanks to the ones who took the time to pour the liquid glass into each pane, putting together an altogether unique and patiently constructed work of art.

This is a thank you note to my teachers, each line devoted to a different person who taught and contributed to who I have become.

To you, my teachers, from a student who became a teacher.

Dear teacher,

Thank you for pursuing a profession that is full of flaws, frustrations, and faltering politics. It seems as each year passes, the struggle between testing to death and holistically educating our children becomes more and more difficult.

Thank you for rising above the mess and doing it for one reason: me and the rest of your squad of students.

Your passion for your subject area was relentless. But the passion you instilled in me far outweighed any subject or academic arena.

You challenged me to fight for my belief in a room in which I was the minority. You pushed against me in public and forced me to stand.

You loved me enough never to leave me the same.

You told me the truth, even when it hurt.

You shared power in the classroom, admitted you didn’t know everything, and planted your feet firmly in the fact the student inquiry, student driven, and project based learning would allow kids to soar.

You didn’t demand respect. We gave it to you willingly because you gave it to us first.

You listened more than you spoke.

You made us stand on chairs, sing out loud, and scream from our souls so we wouldn’t care what anyone else thought about us.

You modeled everything you taught.

You didn’t teach us what to think, you taught us how to think.

You showed us that anything worth creating should exhibit the best versions of ourselves.

When you were in pain, you continued to share, encourage, and give selflessly, knowing the legacy you would leave behind in me was a treasure.

You took the time.

You backed me, believed in me, and took risks for me.

Your mad methods reached me in new ways because you were willing to try.

Your quiet strength spoke more than words.

You knew a thoughtful discussion was worth more than a worksheet.

My success was more important than your role, your power, or your reputation.

You took me under your wing and decided it was your job to show me that I could harness the moon – and you would do anything to get me there.

Your love of life made me want to love life more.

You never gave up.

You never stopped trying.

You did what a teacher should do.

You taught.

Thank you for your sacrifice. And in a world where teachers are often chastised, I want to cheer. You poured into me – and I want you to know your efforts were not in vain. Because I’ve taken each part, each lesson, each piece of you that was given and I have become.

I am a mosaic.

I am a teacher.

And I will pour into my students.

And in each of them will not only be a piece of me, but a piece of you.

Your legacy lives on.

Thank you for reading my blog – my sweet dedication to the teachers who poured into my life. Please, in the comments, name the teacher who made a difference in YOUR life as a tribute to their love for the profession and those they serve.

If a certain part of this piece of writing speaks to you, please copy/paste that portion and tag a teacher on social media. Then share this post for them to read as a dedication to their service and sacrifice to YOU.

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