14 ways to LOVE in the next 14 days

Tomorrow begins the month of love.

And let’s just be honest.

When the month begins, we start either thinking about how our husbands, wives, boyfriends, or girlfriends are going to be “oh so romantic” on Valentine’s Day, or we start feeling sorry for ourselves because we aren’t going to get what we deserve (or get anything at all) on Valentine’s Day.

Too much time is spent thinking about how we can make ONE day special for ONE person. Or – too much time is spent worrying about how we might FEEL on ONE day. Or – too much time is spent feeling sorry for ourselves and what might HAPPEN on ONE day.

What if we stopped worrying about what other people are going to do for US and start focusing on what we can do for other people in the month leading up to Valentine’s Day?

What if the month of love was more about out-giving, out-serving, and out-loving the people in our lives?

So, here’s the challenge. Take the list of 14 ways to LOVE in the next 14 days and try it on for size. See what happens. I guarantee you will stop worrying about what you’re going to GET for Valentine’s Day and you’ll feel the satisfaction of loving on others, thinking of others, serving others, and just making a difference.

  1. Slip a love note in someone’s coat pocket, wallet, lunch box, or purse for them to find later. Make sure you include an intentional compliment in the love note – something specific that you love about that person.
  2. Make a sincere effort to ALWAYS open the door for others ALL DAY. Keep a smile on your face and a sweet HELLO on your lips as you do it.
  3. Pick up a special treat for a friend – maybe a Starbucks coffee, a Panera bagel, a donut or special cookie from a local bakery.
  4. Create a post-it note piece of art with words of encouragement on them. For instance, using colorful post-it notes, create a heart shape on someone’s storm door, car window, or dorm room window. On that shape, write a message.
  5. Offer to take someone’s tray at lunch, throw away their trash, run a small errand – basically do something that is usually “not so fun” for others to do. If they say you don’t have to, insist – and tell them why – that you appreciate them and want them to know it.
  6. Thank every person you come in contact with today. Thank them for something they’ve done either in the past or something they do when you see them. If you can’t think of a reason to thank them, then give them a sincere compliment. Remember – EVERY SINGLE PERSON.
  7. Make a care package for someone special in your life. Include all the things they love and a sweet letter that tells them why you chose each item.
  8. Make an intentional phone call today – to say I love you and I’m thankful for you. Make sure you say all the words you need to say.
  9. Do something unexpected for a stranger today – open a door, buy their coffee or meal, write a letter of encouragement and leave it in an unexpected place.
  10. Buy or give away a book that has inspired you or made a difference in your life. Write a note in the cover for the friend you give it to.
  11. Send 10 encouraging texts today.
  12. Give chocolate to someone who is under-appreciated today – perhaps someone at your job who doesn’t hear positive words very often, or someone you see regularly who isn’t recognized for their work.
  13. Write a letter to someone who is lonely – perhaps a widow, or an elderly person who lives alone. If you want, place a gift card or money in the card – but if you can’t afford that, just write a sincere encouragement letter.
  14. Today is what everyone makes into the big LOVE deal, but you’ve been loving all month. Tell everyone you love today just how much and WHY you love them. Don’t worry about what you receive, just focus on giving. Today would also be a good day to donate to a cause in the name of someone you love. One great cause would be TAT (Truckers Against Trafficking) – and one of the founders is a friend of mine.

If you enjoy this love list, after 14 you can start over again! Go ahead and do the list for the next 14 days of February and continue making a difference  – out-serving, out-giving, and out-loving.

The month of love is lonely for many people. And rather than worrying about what others are going to do (or not do) for us, let’s “get kind”, “be the change”, and “make a difference”.

Let me know if you’re going to join me – comment below! And make sure you print this list: 14 Ways to Love in 14 Days Printable14 ways 14 daysI hope you join me in this list for the month of LOVE! Speaking of love, you might want to check out my VIRAL post about WHY you don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school – great for this month!

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