six ways to celebrate the people you love on ordinary days (and a free sneaky printable!)

Today is the best day ever – because if today were my last day, I would want it to be my best day. THEREFORE, today is the best day ever.

If we want to live every day as if it is our last, then we need to not only celebrate on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays, we need to celebrate on ORDINARY days!

So, how do we do that? Well, I just happen to have some fantabulous ideas for you, friends! Read all SEVEN ways to celebrate the people you love on ordinary days. Then, START CELEBRATING!

  1. Celebrate UNBIRTHDAYS! – My earliest remembrance of unbirthdays are from Alice in Wonderland, but I started using unbirthdays in my classroom a few years ago. I could never remember my students’ birthdays – and I wanted them to feel special. So, every week, I randomly select two students – and we CELEBRATE! They get a sign for their lockers, stickers to wear that advertise their unbirthdays, and their favorite – CANDY! You may not be good at remembering special days, but sometimes it is even more amazing for your loved one to be remembered on regular (unexpected) days.
  2. Pass on a #bestdayeverblessing – I started this hashtag and like using it on Facebook or Twitter to publicly recognize people in unexpected ways. You can also place a sign on their door, cubicle, or classroom – just make it a public recognition. Let everyone know how you feel about the person you love!
  3. Make a BEST DAY EVER BLESSING(s) IN A BOX! – A #bestdayeverblessingsinabox are boxes of any kind – shoeboxes, cardboard boxes, fancy schmancy boxes from Target, or even cheaper pretty boxes from Hobby Lobby. Then, you fill one with all your friend’s favorites! In fact, you can EVEN make it an UNBIRTHDAY Best Day Ever Blessing in a Box! Don’t know what to fill it with? Use this Best Day Ever Blessing in a Box Questionnaire and give it to a friend to “sneakily” find out the answers you need! bestdayeverblessinginabox
  4. Try some #thirdpartycompliments! If you need something simple and easy, try a third party compliment. What is it? Basically, it’s complimenting someone behind his or her back in a good way, with the intent of that person FINDING OUT! It’s super fun! Check out this video that explains…
  5. Have a DRIVE BY POST IT PARTY! Have all your friends and family fill out compliments on post-it notes and then have them randomly stick them in places your friend will find them. OR…sometimes I have all my students silently sneak into another teacher’s room and stick post-it compliments on their white board. It’s fun, sneaky, stealthy, silent, and SUPER SWEET! They LOOOOVE it!
  6. Write an old fashioned letter. I love Hannah Brencher’s TED Talk about love letters and how we have lost the art of handwriting letters. Celebrate an ordinary day with an extraordinary thank you letter. Recently, I  received a precious handwritten letter from a former student. It made me feel like a rock star. Thanks, Haley. 🙂

Every day is the best day ever. Let’s live as if this were our last day. So let’s say the words we need to say and express ourselves NOW instead of TOO LATE. Try one of these ideas or use one of your own (please comment with any other ideas you might have, yippee!!!)!

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