20 {twenty} day time tweak


verb \ˈtwēk\
: to change (something) slightly in order to improve it : to make small adjustments to (something)

It’s almost summer and I’m wondering how many of you are like me and there’s a list of things you’d like to do, like to change, like to try, like to finish?

Sometimes the things we’ve been wanting to do – if we would just slightly change or make small adjustments –  we would be able to quit wishing and actually DO!

WISHSo, how about we “tweak” things a bit and make those things happen? I am attempting to live out the #bestdayeveradventure, and that means living every day like it’s my last day. This philosophy means I need to do it, change it, try it, and finish it every time I can because I have no idea when my last day will be!

This life is too short to take too long to _________________.
You can do anything for 20 days. And just think: you can slightly change something so that you can make that change, do that thing, finish that project! And then you can feel satisfied about what you’ve changed, finished, done, or tried!
So let’s fill in those parentheses in the tweak definition at the top of the post.
What do you want to put in place of the word something? How can you make a small change – slightly alter your morning routine, your afternoon schedule, your evening ritual?
Can you adjust slightly to improve what you’re looking to change?
Maybe you want to take 10 minutes a day to yourself, maybe you want to spend more time in the garden, maybe you want to get yourself to the gym five days a week. Maybe it’s 20 more pounds to lose. Maybe you want to listen to more podcasts to make you better, read a book a month, change your diet to organic.
You need to make the INTENTIONAL choice to change.
a_better_youI love watching and listening to TED talks – they are speeches, 18 minutes or less, by leading experts in almost any topic you can think of. This playlist, called “A better you“, is full of talks that offer you inspiration and well-researched ideas to tweak the next twenty days – and on!
So, choose your something and get on board with me for the next twenty days.
I am going to limit my food portions (slightly change how I eat), spring clean my house (a more than slight difference in simplicity – 20 bags OUT!), and finish my book (slightly change my daily routine – I can’t wait for you all to read it!).
You need to tweak your time to prioritize _______________ for twenty days.
You can do this! I know you can! Join me.

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