31 Daily Good Deeds to do in DECEMBER (year 2! and a printable!)

It’s that time of year again!

Last December I launched my very first “31 Daily Good Deeds to do in December” – and many of you participated!

My initial reason for creating last year’s list was to have a creative kindness countdown in December for my daughter and I in lieu of a traditional countdown calendar full of candy. The goal was to keep our hearts and thoughts on OTHERS during the hustle and bustle of this busy holiday instead of what we can get for ourselves.

Also, I looooove lists.

And since one of my mantras is to make everyday the “best day ever”, that means living each day as if it is my last. Therefore, I want to fill each day with as much goodness and kindness and joy as possible.

Thus, a “to do” list that brings goodness and kindness and joy to others.

I hope you enjoy this year’s list. Please join me in spreading kindness during the “crazy” that can be the holiday season. There’s even a printable list (click here: daily-good-deeds-2017 ) if you’d like to hang it on your wall, your bulletin board, your mirror – wherever you can daily remind yourself to do something kind for someone daily in December!

I’m even going to challenge my students to join me. Let’s spread the joy!

List of daily good deeds for December:

  1. Make a target list of people you want to bless during this month.
  2. Take coffee to a Salvation Army bell ringer!
  3. Leave a LOVE note for someone special.
  4. Do a chore or deed at work/school so someone doesn’t have to!
  5. Pay for someone behind you at the drive thru!
  6. Be on the look out for trash and pick it up!
  7. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile.
  8. Write a public note of encouragement to someone on social media.
  9. Give something away that someone can use more than you…
  10. Write a thank you note for the local police.
  11. Thank a teacher.
  12. Give someone (maybe a stranger?) a sincere compliment.
  13. Tell a family member how much you LOVE them.
  14. DOLLAR DIFFERENCE DAY! (See this post for more information – leave one dollar somewhere with a note).
  15. Send an encouraging text to someone.
  16. Leave a nice note on someone’s windshield.
  17. Buy someone his or her favorite drink!
  18. Write a thank you note to a local fireman.
  19. Smile (intentionally) at everyone you cross paths with today.
  20. Surprise someone with kindness today.
  21. Call a local business and tell them you appreciate them.
  22. Leave an encouraging note on the TP roll in a bathroom.
  23. Be generous to someone today.
  24. Offer help to someone who needs it.
  25. Do something GRACIOUS today and ask the recipient to pay it forward – MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  26. Post something positive on social media.
  27. Give treats or toys to a local pet shelter OR friend with a pet.
  28. Help a neighbor or give them a gift.
  29. Thank the postman or UPS man with a note or gift.
  30. Call someone just to say I LOVE YOU.
  31. Make your 2017 LIST OF NOW (See this post for more information!).

I’d love to hear if you decide to join us – you & a friend, you & a family member – doing good for others is always more fun TOGETHER! Comment below and let’s #getkind this December!

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