hey moms, let’s just be real.

Today I went to Pinterest and typed in the word, “Mom”. This is what came up in my search:

  • 17 Moms who are really, really mean (with a picture of a plastic tub called “toy jail”)
  • How to clean air vents so you can breathe better!
  • Organic crib sheets
  • Turning a plastic pill box into “Mom’s Emergency Box to Go”
  • Perfect Pie Crust
  • Best mom ever creates world’s cutest playhouse for her daughter
  • QUIZ: What type of mom will you be?
  • Chocolate Banana Applesauce Cake: No oil, butter, or eggs!
  • Soften up your laundry AND save the environment with these nifty creative home ideas!
  • DIY Knot Pillow


  • I did the toy jail thing for awhile, and it worked. It doesn’t mean I’m mean.
  • My air vents are the least of my worries.
  • When my daughter had crib sheets it was all I could do to WASH them, let alone make sure they were organic.
  • Doesn’t everyone just throw the entire PILL BOTTLE in their purse? Who makes an emergency box?
  • I don’t make pie let alone a perfect crust.
  • You should see the picture of that playhouse: shabby chic meets UNREALISTIC.
  • I don’t need a quiz to tell me what kind of mom I should try and live up to.
  • How can you make a cake without all the ingredients?
  • Laundry – I’m just trying to DO it. Why would anyone want a knot pillow? It’s “not” really a pillow if it’s a knot.

Friends, I love Pinterest. It gives me great ideas that I put in my bullet journal to wish someday that I might do. I like looking at the pictures and pinning them to my boards and sometimes, I actually implement an idea.

But Pinterest doesn’t determine my worth.

It’s okay if I don’t cut my daughter’s lunch sandwiches into the shape of a heart. It’s just fine if her birthday invitations are printed from my computer instead of made out of cute little chalkboards and stickers. It doesn’t make me a better mom if I can “hack” my house or roll my pie dough or potty train my toddler at the age of two.

We are human beings with different learning styles, different gifts, different backgrounds, and different ways of expressing love. Some of us craft, some of us write, some of us run, and some of us cook.

But we don’t have to be everything in order to be a good mom.

Social media is full of all the “best” we can post. Most of the time, it does not represent reality in the “raw”. So when we compare ourselves to moms who seem to be doing it all, it’s silly.

There is no such Mom. SHE DOES NOT EXIST.

We ALL struggle. We ALL have that dirty room, junk drawer, or messy closet. And if we DON’T, something else is messy: our heart, our self-esteem, our fear. We ALL have messy stuff. And it’s okay.

Because we are human.

The best gift I can give you on Mother’s Day is to LET GO. Be REAL. Find other Moms who will TELL THE TRUTH. Don’t let another mom’s seemingly (but unrealistically) perfect world determine the way you feel about yourself, your yard, your house, your family, and your kids.

Let’s start the revolution of real. There’s freedom in knowing you don’t have to be more than who you are.

Who you are is enough.