the five things i will do every day this summer (and an update on my book!)

****PSSST…at the very end of this post I have an update for my BOOK and a question for YOU!!!!

It’s summa-time!

Our summer started out kinda sad! Our sweet labradoodle Coco ate twenty pieces of gum that contain xylitol (a sweetener) which is a fatal poison for dogs. My vet said it can kill an 80 pound dog with only two pieces. So far, she’s recovering and we’re going to start calling her the Miracle Dog! We aren’t out of the woods yet, so we’d appreciate your prayers for our sweet pup!

Today I’ve finally been thinking about what I want to do every day this summer and I came up with a list of FIVE! Since every one of the five starts with “f”, I’m calling it my summer flist (instead of list…hee hee…I know, I think I’m funnier than I am).

Summer flist of five things to do EVERY DAY:

  1. Grow my FAITH – reading, praying, growing
  2. Get FIT – ride, run, and stay active
  3. Hang out with FAMILY and FRIENDS – intentionally work on relationships
  4. Find FODDER for my brain – learn something new
  5. Have FUN (self-explanatory)

I’m going to journal my journey with my flist every day so I can look back at the most amazing and fulfilling summer EVER!

Feel Free to Fake the Fact that this Flist was Founded by you First. 🙂 I would love for you to join me with my FLIST OF FIVE! I like goals, I like all the things on my list, I like to journal so I can look back on what I’ve done…and even if you don’t like to journal, it’s just a LIST! 🙂

By the way, the BESTEST journals to use for flisting are Moleskines. They’re a little bit pricey, so I save my pennies until I can get a new one – but they’re famous because they were the kind of journals used by Vincent van Gogh (artist), Picasso (artist), and Ernest Hemingway (writer). I kind of hope I’m vicariously living the life of an artist or writer when I use one.

By the way, be looking for me to get back on my game writing blog posts every week this summer now that my book is DONE!

Choose joy and have the BEST DAY EVER, friends!

***This is it…the book 411:

Well, the book is finally finished and it is currently in the hands of an interior designer who is crafting the inside and making it look beautiful! I won’t be “officially” launching the book until fall, but for you “special” folks, I’d love for you to consider the following:

  1. Buy and read my book EARLY (because you’re special) from me this summer.
  2. Be on my STREET TEAM! (this means you write a review for the book and post it on LAUNCH DAY, it could be super duper short – and I’ll explain HOW to do it)!!!
  3. Be on the INSIDE scoop and get updates from me throughout the summer up to the launch (there will be a letter slipped inside the book when you get it that explains how and what and when).

So, if you’re interested, just send an e-mail to and you’ll be officially on the list to get the early dibs! Or you can just wait until the book launches in the fall – either way…CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S REAL?????? 🙂

Hope to hear from you SOON!