what students wish we knew

Students have a deep desire to be heard. They want their voices to matter – they long to be validated for what and how they feel. Sometimes it’s hard for us adulting type people to listen because we take it personally. We struggle to empower students because it might display some sort of weakness.

But the opposite is really true. The most secure teachers and school leaders I have met easily include students and embrace giving them ownership both in the classroom and out in the hallways, on teams, during clubs, and as school leaders.

Recently I started a new TikTok series called, “What students wish teachers and administrators knew about them”. The direct purpose for this series is to hear what students are feeling and utilize that information as a school leader.

I have started interviewing students during passing periods and breaks — and it has been enlightening listening to their thoughts on the subject. Here is my first video:


I asked students what they wish teachers and admin knew about them. #assistantprincipalsoftiktok #mrswisehart #october

♬ original sound – Carrie Wisehart

Each of the students on this video immediately had something in mind that they wanted to share. They could easily identify things they wanted us to know about them — and jumped at the opportunity to share AND BE HEARD. They didn’t have to think long before they were able to articulate what they wished we knew about them.

Just because we listen doesn’t mean we have to agree. But in my experience, the more I listen, the more I learn. The more I learn, the better servant I can be. The better servant, the more students are willing to trust what I’m teaching them and leading them to become.

And that is TOTALLY worth it.

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