Mindful Minutes for Educators

Being an educator is wonderful.

And horrible.

All at the same time.

I have loved every minute of being a teacher – and now every minute of being an administrator. This is my 23rd year in education and I don’t regret ANY OF IT.

But it can be hard! It can be time consuming! It can be stressful! It can feel frustrating!

So as I’ve been preparing to go back for second semester and thinking about ways to encourage the teachers in my building, I decided to create monthly “Mindful Minutes” for educators.

Why “minutes”?

Because educators don’t need ONE MORE THING TO DO. It can feel overwhelming just coming back to school let alone someone adding ANOTHER THING to their plates.

Why “mindful”?

Because if educators — teachers, administrators, staff — can begin their days pointing their minds to calm, to mindful, to grateful, to intentional, it helps the rest of the day to fall into place. The instructions for Mindful Minutes are simple:

Sit. Take a deep breath. Read and respond. Take another deep breath. Begin the day.

Each month, the mindful minutes will change — but not to be longer, require more, or add another task to the educator’s day. Just an intent to turn his or her thoughts toward what is GOOD before the day even begins.

If you know an educator who might enjoy these mindful minutes — I am giving away the first month for FREE at my Teachers Pay Teachers store (click here) — because I love education, I love educators, and I want to make life easier for them. The following months will be posted soon – and then finally they will be bundled into a year long of intentional beginnings.

Let’s encourage educators to begin the day mindfully – and while you’re at it, tell them they are doing an amazing job. They need to hear it more.

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