February Mindful Minutes for Educators

It’s here! February!

One of the most difficult months for educators and students alike. It’s cold, it’s dreary (at least in the midwest) and everyone is ready for another break!

Once again, I am offering the February Mindful Minutes for Educators — if this is your first time hearing of this, check out my blogpost about Mindful Minutes for Educators and what they are. Then you can hop over to my Teachers Pay Teachers page and download the February edition for FREE during the month of February!

It is so important that we concentrate on what is GOOD, what is POSITIVE, what raises our spirits and makes us better! Mindful Minutes doesn’t take much of your time — minutes, to be exact! 🙂 But it is meant to point you to the positive at the very beginning of each day.

Here’s a sneak peak of the February Edition. Make sure you check it out in my store for FREE during February!

Let’s encourage educators to begin the day mindfully – and while you’re at it, tell them they are doing an amazing job. They need to hear it more.